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SPS solutions for the retail supply chain connect trading partners for the omnichannel era, with high-speed electronic trading, product sourcing, item management, business intelligence, and change management practices that consistently deliver.

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Meet supply chain challenges with smarter solutions

Your business is constantly evolving with consumer and trading partner demand. We’re with you, in the new era of retail, delivering proven solutions that will bring your omnichannel strategy to life.

Automated supply chain

Whether it is you or your trading partner driving the move to electronic fulfilment, SPS is available with a range of solutions to suit trading volumes of all sizes.

  • See our fulfilment solutions that eliminate the need for any hardware or software infrastructure, helping you start electronic trading for a simple monthly fee (no contracts)
  • No barriers to entry, with a web browser the only necessary tool to start WebForm electronic trading
  • Integrate your business system (ERP) with the SPS platform for full automation and process streamlining
  • Consider outsourcing your EDI completely, so that you can focus on your core business
  • Partner with SPS as a test and certification support team, making sure that your trading partners integrate with your business processes

Managing item attribute and category detail

Customers demand multiple datasets for items purchased online (and, increasingly, review this information while in-store as well). Details for options (such as size or colour) and static elements (such as dimensions or power supply type) must be managed in an ongoing context.

Suppliers are generally required to provide details to retailers, with each retailer requiring a different format (often in Excel). This typically time-intensive and manual task is often done only once for a product, with no updates programmed to the process.

  • Assortment connects a hard link from supplier to retailer
  • Supplier updates are automatically pushed to all connected retailers
  • Item details include elements such as price, size, dimensions, images, videos, brochures, and other marketing content

Bring a supply chain online with omnichannel

Many organisations have electronic trading available but unused by the majority of its supply chain network.  This is a double negative, with the companies left paying for an EDI infrastructure as well as resourcing a manual trading infrastructure. Moving to electronic trading is a process of change management, so it is unsurprising that 70% projects fail entirely and the majority of the remainder are only partially successful.

The SPS difference lays in the Onboarding process, which delivers ~80% project compliance within 3 months.  A series of best practices, proven over tens of thousands of implementations, make SPS the only logical choice for onboarding your supply chain.

  • SPS is the only omnichannel/EDI/VAN that can deliver overwhelming compliance
  • Competitors only deliver products or software, without a process
  • Thousands of successful Australian implementations

Improve sell-through, efficiency, and profit

Both retailers and suppliers need to maximise the sell-through of their product lines. This is made possible by the use of business intelligence that has been processed and organised in a way to deliver real insights.

The SPS platform cleans data through more than 800 filters, and pushes it directly to client systems in real-time.  Clients can set exception flags, automating errors notifications to help keep your process optimised.

  • Bipartisan platform for trading partners, with Collaboration Analytics
  • Solutions for POS item data for suppliers and manufacturers
  • Business tools to allow retailers to stay abreast of all orders and deliveries, in real time

SPS provides some analytics tools free of charge with the fulfilment suite of products, with the more sophisticated tools paid via monthly contract-free subscription.

Find new innovative products and vendors

Global reach and consumer mobility have forwarded the adoption of the endless aisle strategy in Australia, both for commerce and for in-store kiosks.

The world’s largest retail network is operated on SPS Commerce’s cloud-based platform, which creates an opportunity for retailers to source new items and trading partners.  With SPS, retailers can drill into rich vendor data to discover products, and service offerings (e.g., does the vendor drop ship, what is their returns policy). SPS’s Sourcing solution is a high-touch personalised service that allows retailers to tap into a sizeable vendor community.

Adopt modern trading practices to survive and flourish in coming years

Omnichannel is the collective term for a seamless shopping experience across the many channels to your customer. To successfully adopt omnichannel, companies require robust supply chains, electronic trading, detailed item data, a continuously expanding inventory base, and excellent customer insights to power decision-making. SPS’s suite of products are the most popular and adopted cloud-based retail supply chain, meaning that the largest retail business network is on SPS.

Experience infinite retail power.

Gain the tools you need to engage your customers no matter how, where or when they interact with you. Contact SPS Commerce today to learn how we can transform your business.

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