Ongoing support to build your vendor community.

Significantly decrease the time it takes to start sending orders and exchanging documents with new vendors. Our SPS Commerce Community service gives you access to a dedicated team that provides ongoing support for your onboarding needs.

Empower your vendor community.

All too often, legacy technologies, processes and systems do not make it easy for retailers, grocers and distributors to add new trading partners to their vendor community. The SPS Commerce Community service delivers the time and resources you need to quickly connect you with your new vendors in two days. You’ll gain the ability to automate data sharing to improve your merchandising and fulfillment efficiency. Your custom program will give you:


Dedicated team.

The Community team will ensure your trading partners are connected and ready to work with you.


Speed to value.

We have the time and resources to onboard your new trading partners and have them set up in two days.


Proven methodology.

Our proven methodology continually produces measurable results for onboarding and building automation into your vendor community.


Valuable efficiencies.

Eliminate manual processes to onboard new vendors to begin exchanging orders, share item content and analyze POS data.

Your success is ours, too.

Hear what our customers think of the value our retail technology solutions provide them.

  • Realizing new efficiencies.

    "SPS saves my staff time and work. It is nice to have an organization that handles the cold calls in to our vendors, finds the right contact to speak to and handles the testing process. When a vendor comes to Costco after working with SPS Commerce, they are truly ready to go, and we can both start to receive the benefits right away. This saves us a lot of time and labor."

    Misti Reed, EDI Supervisor, Costco

    Customer Stories
  • Achieve better results.

    "On our own, HDW was able to connect five vendors in a year. With SPS, we connected with more than 100 vendors in six months. SPS’ best practices and team made all the difference."

    Wade Wilkerson, Chief Financial Officer, HDW Inc.

    Customer Stories

Eliminate the expense of manual processes.

Remove the time and effort of taking it on yourself. Start here.