EDI 882 - Direct Store Delivery Summary Information

EDI 882 is used by suppliers for perishable goods in the grocery, convenience, and drug stores industries to provide a summary of direct-to-store deliveries, delivery adjustments, and request payments for goods delivered.

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Benefits of using EDI 882

In a Direct Store Delivery scenario, date-sensitive items or items with a limited shelf life are often delivered directly to the store’s locations by a supplier as opposed to being shipped through the retailer’s warehouse. Direct Store Delivery transactions allow suppliers to get their product on retailers’ shelves as fast as possible, avoiding the retailer’s distribution centers.

This real-time supply chain visibility enables retailers to make smarter and more accurate decisions, leading to better customer service and a better bottom line. The EDI 882 summarizes detailed delivery and return, and adjustment information previously reconciled at the time of delivery. The 882 is also used to request payment for products that have been delivered.

Benefits that can be realized include:


Reduction in volume of paper flow, improvement in operating efficiencies by both parties


Elimination of data entry errors associated with manual processes


Potential to increase the speed of payment for products that have been delivered


Relief of congestion at a retailer’s back door and reduced check-in times


Decreased product waste for perishable items due to improved fulfillment processes

The key data elements included in a direct store delivery summary:


Summary of delivery, adjustment and return information


Return information reconciled at the time of delivery


Payment of delivered products

Common issues regarding EDI 882

Human oversight or missing data

Are you experiencing incomplete or missing summary data due to human errors or omission?

Lack of proper acknowledgment

Are you missing delivery acknowledgements? An automated 997 Functional Acknowledgement ensures this isn’t missed.

Delayed or missing payments

Are you noticing an increase in the amount of missing payment data for delivered products?

Automate EDI 882 Direct Store Delivery Summary with Full-Service EDI

Manually updating information can be inherently risky when summarizing the delivery of time-sensitive or perishable goods. Using an EDI 882 to automate this process helps to minimize the risk of potentially expensive manual errors that accompany communication exchanges between suppliers and retailers.

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SPS communicates directly with your trading partners to manage connectivity, setup, requirements, updates and support efforts.

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