EDI 879 - Price Information

The EDI 879 sends pricing information to buyers. New products, price changes to existing products, and specific pricing per supplier are sent to buyers, so they can keep their systems updated when they receive orders.

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Benefits of using an EDI 879 Price Information

Pricing details are important to retailers and suppliers alike. This transaction supports this trading relationship by providing an automated process for pricing setup and maintenance. Brokers and reclamation centers may also receive this information.

Sellers, or their brokers, can more confidently send details retailed to price protection conditions and identify geographic price areas with new or changed pricing. It also clearly communicates to the buyer if bracket pricing applies based on order volumes, packaging or other parameters. By automating the EDI 879, this information is shared in a consistent and traceable manner.

Trading partners benefit by using the EDI Pricing Information to:


Communicate pricing for new items or changes to existing pricing


Convey pricing parameters and freight charges to buyers


Reduce invoice deductions and ease the invoice matching process


Provide comprehensive pricing information in a single transaction to refresh the retailer’s file

The EDI 879 is used only by the UCS guidelines and offers a simplified process for price management. Retailers in general merchandise, healthcare and industrial products will more often use the EDI 832 Price/Sales Catalog to exchange pricing information.

The key data elements included in an EDI 879 are:


Item identifiers (price list reference, etc.)


Pricing conditions


Bracket pricing identification


Item packing details


Promotion allowance/charges

Common issues regarding EDI 879

From item setup to ongoing updates and changes to products over time, one thing is certain: pricing will not remain the same. Automating the communication of pricing details at all stages is a best practice that prevent delays in the invoicing stage and eases item setup. Instead of submitting price changes via phone or email, EDI ensures that all the necessary data is included and that the changes reach the retailer.

Item Setup

Is the pricing for the new item correct? Has it been provided by the seller?

Pricing Conditions

How many items or pallets need to be ordered to meet the pricing parameter?

Invoice Matching

Why does the pricing on the invoice and in the pricing system differ? Which one is correct?

Automate 879 Price Information with Full-Service EDI

The automated approach uses EDI to share details easily and completely. SPS Commerce helps trading partners by setting up this transaction on their behalf so that they can make the most of their time. SPS Commerce is a full-service provider of EDI and other solutions. We have the reliable EDI technology and experts to manage day-to-day EDI operations with retailers, making the EDI 879 easy to send whenever pricing changes.

SPS has EDI and retail experts ready to respond to any EDI concerns and see that your pricing updates flow seamlessly to your retailers.

Our full-service approach gives you more time back in your day to focus on other initiatives. Our in-house teams monitor your EDI flow, but that’s just the beginning. We manage every step from document setup to testing, ensuring a smooth flow of information. If an issue is uncovered, we’ll do the work to make to right.

SPS Commerce Fulfillment proactively automates your EDI and other data transactions, such as APIs. With SPS managing your EDI operations, imagine all the other activities you could address? Interested in learning more?

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