EDI 865 - Purchase Order Change

Sellers use the EDI 865 when they need to make changes to a purchase order. Sellers can both request changes to purchase orders and respond to changes buyers have sent. Information from the original purchase order is shown, as well as the changes that are being made or requested.

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Benefits of using the EDI 865 Purchase Order Change Acknowledgment/Request – Seller Initiated

Both buyers and sellers benefit from implementing the EDI 865. Benefits include:

For Sellers:


Reduce errors and discrepancies from manual data entry


Improve efficiency by eliminating the need to call, email or fax confirmation of order changes

For buyers:


Reduce post-invoice reconciliation issues


Confirm eCommerce order details for end consumers


Provide timely and automated visibility into a supplier’s commitment to fulfill an order

Key data elements included in an EDI Purchase Order Change

The EDI 865 transaction typically includes much of the same information that appears in an EDI 850 Purchase Order, such as product descriptions and quantities, shipping information, terms and costs. However, it will likely also include specific references to what is changed from the original purchase order. It will also include a code to indicate whether the document is being used as a change request or as an acknowledgment.

The data elements included in the line item change request of an EDI 865.


AI – Add Additional Item(s)


CA – Changes To Line Items


PC – Price Change


QD – Quantity Decrease


QI – Quantity Increase

The code elements included in the line item acknowledgment of an EDI 865.


DR – Item Accepted – Date Rescheduled


IA – Item Accepted


IC – Item Accepted – Changes Made


ID – Item Deleted


IQ – Item Accepted – Quantity Changed

Common issues regarding EDI 865

Document creation:

The PO Change Request/Acknowledgment is often a new requirement for companies that are just starting with EDI. Like other EDI documents, issues can arise from incomplete data, incorrect data or data that does not align with retailer’s expectations.


Retailers have different requirements for suppliers sending the EDI 865 document. It’s important to respond quickly. Often the EDI 865 must be sent within 24 to 48 hours after receiving the original purchase order.

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