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SPS Commerce Announces Fulfillment Integration with Amazon Marketplace for Digital Order Orchestration

February 15, 2017

MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 15, 2017 — SPS Commerce, Inc. (Nasdaq:SPSC), a leader in retail cloud services, announced the expansion of its network reach to include online marketplaces with the launch of a new integration for Amazon Marketplace, an e-commerce platform for third-party sellers. The SPS Commerce Fulfillment solution now orchestrates order fulfillment across all Amazon retail channels, including Amazon retail, Amazon drop ship, Fulfill by Amazon and Fulfill by Merchant – as well as other brick-and-mortar and e-commerce sales channels – from a single platform.

Amazon Marketplace had record-breaking sales in 2016 and continues to thrive as retailers, distributors and brands expand their online shopping channels. In 2016, there were more than 100,000 sellers with sales of more than one hundred million dollars selling on Amazon Marketplace.

“River of Goods expects to double its sales through Amazon Marketplace in 2017 as our marketplace strategy expands to become one of our primary sales channels,” said Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson, ecommerce manager, River of Goods. “With the SPS Commerce integration, Amazon Marketplace orders are received as consumers place them, allowing us to track inventory in real time. The SPS solution helps us to keep pace with the consumer while saving time across our internal teams. It is the process we plan to extend to our other marketplaces in the near future.”

The new Amazon marketplace integration provides the scalability and responsiveness needed for suppliers to manage the rapidly changing order volumes required by online marketplaces. The SPS Commerce platform simplifies the order fulfillment process by eliminating the need to use separate, manual fulfillment processes across multiple selling channels. The integration also allows suppliers to collaborate more efficiently with trading partners, automate workflows, and provide at-a-glance visibility into orders and shipments.

“Capturing the sales potential of online marketplaces requires multichannel integration and scalability to ensure a seamless omnichannel experience for the shopper,” said Peter Zaballos, SVP and chief marketing officer, SPS Commerce. “Integrating Amazon Marketplace with our retail network allows suppliers and distributors to manage their Amazon sales strategy and fulfillment functions from a single, flexible platform that can quickly respond to changing order volumes.”

“As a distributor, our business is evolving as consumers are increasingly looking to Amazon and other online marketplaces for their shopping needs,” said Jeff Pierce, CEO of International Golf Group Industries. “In 2017, IGG is focusing on building its online brand, starting with its top selling XBAR Fitness Systems, while balancing this growth with improved efficiency to maintain margins. With SPS Commerce Fulfillment, we can scale our capabilities to profitably meet the demands of our customers within leading digital channels including Amazon Marketplace.”

SPS Commerce Fulfillment also complements marketplace performance management solutions from partners such as Stitch Labs, a provider of inventory and order management solutions. Together, SPS Commerce and Stitch Labs provide Amazon Marketplace sellers with fulfillment and inventory visibility of customer orders in a centralized location.

“Our complementary technologies provide Amazon Marketplace sellers with actionable insights to help them achieve the scale and service an omnichannel business requires,” said Brendan Levey, CEO, Stitch Labs. “Together, our solutions provide a single view of inventory, sales, purchasing and fulfillment status, giving brands and retailers greater visibility, efficiency and insight into their online marketplace, eCommerce, wholesale and brick-and-mortar operations.”

The SPS Commerce integration with Amazon Marketplace is now available.

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