Automate your trading relationships with SAP EDI integration

SPS Commerce Fulfillment EDI for SAP is a full-service solution that provides all you need to connect to your trading partners. We bring the proven technology and SAP experts to manage the process from implementation through ongoing, day-to-day operations.

SPS Commerce is a member of the SAP PartnerEdge program and has the expertise to extend the value of your SAP investment.

Get clear, simple answers to all your EDI questions.
No sales pressure. No commitment.

SAP EDI integration

Get clear, simple answers to all your questions about EDI for SAP.
No sales pressure. No commitment.


Automate to scale with greater ease


Decrease costs from manual entry


Comply with all trading partner requirements


Boost ship timeliness and sales

When you need to improve business processes and efficiency, do what more than
500 SAP users do, trust SPS Commerce.

The SPS Commerce solution offers support for any business document and any trading partner, including purchase orders, invoices, credit adjustments and more.


Offload your trading partner compliance with our experts


Automate all business transactions with all partners


Rely on SPS to update and maintain your EDI connections

“Our decision to partner with SPS Commerce has resulted in the elimination of our EDI backlog, reduced IT costs, and increased efficiencies in serving our retail customers.”

– Chris Rousseau, SVP of information technology at Callaway

Wondering how SPS compares to other SAP EDI solutions and providers?

Other Providers


Meet your bare minimum cloud setup requirements, then leave you to fend for yourself


Don’t help with the customer onboarding process


Can’t accommodate translation of SAP’s proprietary IDOC transactions


Fail to adequately address SAP’s unique transactional RFC (tRFC)


Have resource-limited data centers that go down during peak surges


Won’t thoroughly test or QA your system before handing it over

SPS Commerce


Takes care of the entire implementation process, including testing, migration & production


Proactively onboards your trading partners so you don’t have to


Translation of IDOC documents is built in to the SPS EDI solution


Our SAP EDI solution offers three ways to address tRFC needs


Boasts the most resilient, fully cloud-based data centers in the industry


Rigorously stress-tests everything so your solution works from day one

Choose the industry’s most complete SAP EDI solution.

Achieve more productivity with SAP EDI integration. SAP S/4 HANA, SAP Fashion Management Solution, SAP Digital Signal Management (DSiM) and SAP by Design yields compliance.

Proven value with SAP systems

SPS solutions have the flexibility and scalability to optimize supply chain transactions with SAP systems. Available solutions include SAP S/4 HANA, SAP Fashion Management Solution, SAP Digital Signal Management (DSiM) and more, SAP Business One, and SAP by Design.

Gain efficiency and scalability with automation

With our SAP EDI solution, many of your existing processes can be automated, using and applying business rules unique to your organization. Instead of spending time extracting, translating and loading data, automate the process and gain new capabilities of validating and enriching the information.

Reduce data entry needs and lowered costs

With an automated process via SAP EDI integration, data entry needs and auditing staff can be reduced.  EDI integration ensures that the data is transferred seamlessly into and out of your SAP system, reducing errors and decreasing the cost and manual processes. Where errors do occur, EDI automation helps identify issues so they can be fixed sooner. Companies collaborating with SPS have been able to cut thousands of hours in manual data entry tasks.

Broad EDI support for all trading requirements

A one-time connection with SPS delivers access to thousands of leading retailers, vendors, grocers, distributors, 3PLs, manufacturers and more. Achieve compliance with all of your trading partners’ complex order management models, including ship-to-DC, ship to store, drop shipping and more. Fulfillment works within your existing SAP ERP, allowing your business to easily send and receive such EDI documents.

Upcycle EDI performance, minimize your costs

When you do EDI on your own, the software, hardware, licensing fees, IT staff and energy costs add up. After SPS Commerce takes over your EDI processing needs, you could save up to 75 percent compared to traditional EDI.

Boost visibility across your business

Empower staff with the information they need to do their best work with role-based access. The SPS EDI solution enables IT personnel to see every IDOC, every EDI transaction and how documents are flowing through the system, while at the same time giving customer service just the info they need to answer questions about orders and transactions.

And, with SPS, you’ll have one partner that automates:


Any EDI transaction


Any trading partner


Any industry requirement

Get simple answers to all of your EDI questions.

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Join hundreds of companies who have successfully ditched data entry with SPS Commerce

"SPS Commerce understands the retail consumer"

"We went with SPS Commerce because they understand the demands of the retail consumer… You're talking about hundreds of hours a week we won't have to invest—we'll be able to pick, pack and ship much faster, and merchandise can come in and go out literally the same day."
— President and Chief Merchandising Officer, Beyond the Rack

"We've dramatically improved our order processing"

"We've already dramatically improved our order processing efficiencies with TTI and other leading distributors, and look forward to a continued close partnership with SPS worldwide."
— System Manager, AIGO

"We're freeing our team to focus on core strategic opportunities"

"Our goal is to automate as many processes and functions as possible, to free our team to focus on core strategic opportunities. We've recently seen our average customer order volume increase, as well as the complexity of each order... Now instead of adding data entry staff, we're retasking the existing team almost exclusively to proactive business growth efforts."
— General Manager, Apromo Trading

"We have definitely streamlined the shopping experience"

"By using SPS to integrate with our vendors, we have definitely streamlined the shopping experience from ordering through delivery, ensuring that our customers get a great experience no matter what supplier is utilized. Customer service is the No. 1 priority for Rugs Direct. Our increased visibility into vendor inventory levels allows us to accept new orders with confidence!"
— Chief Information Officer, Rugs Direct