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More than 90% of companies are missing the necessary information for a seamless replenishment order process. Getting timely, accurate data allows you to benefit from:

It’s to plan for what’s coming and when

Without knowing the status of your order at every step in the process, you’re forced to reactively manage your orders. This means you typically end up with unused open to buy budget, have to order and hold excess inventory to make sure you’re covered, and hire extra staff to help manage it all.

See how retailers:

  • Get up-to-date order details
  • Avoid late orders
  • Optimize your purchasing

Be better prepared

When you’re unaware of shipment statuses and details, you’re not staffed to receive them and you end up unpacking, counting and re-packing deliveries manually. This creates significant bottlenecks at your distribution centers, slow inventory turn and excess spending.

Understand the benefits when you:

  • Get shipment details in advance
  • Move inventory faster
  • Automate your receiving process

Save time and money with complete purchase order to invoice trails

Invoice discrepancies due to missing data come at a high cost. A lack of documented order and order changes results in manual and time-consuming reconciliation, missing payment discounts or even overpaying your trading partners.

See the time & cost savings by:

  • Match orders to invoices
  • Make accurate payments
  • Get the right order details

Keep your customers happy

Customers have come to expect being able to get what they want, when they want it, in whatever way they want. Without the right data, you’re unable to get products to shelf quickly. And without online and in-store systems using consistent item data, your customers are unable to shop, order and return products in the ways they want.

Enable omnichannel through:

  • Consolidated item data
  • Improved product to shelf timelines
  • Expanded order fulfillment options

Expectations are meant to be met

Without the right data, you’re unable to effectively manage your trading partners and hold them accountable. You can’t track fill rates or see how often they have split orders or had late shipments. All of which means you end up ordering more and carrying more inventory–essentially rewarding your trading partners for poor performance.

Enhance supply chain collaboration by:

  • Getting trading partner data
  • Tracking trading partner fill rate
  • Holding trading partners accountable

The information you need. The business results you want.

More than 90% of companies are missing the data they need for a seamless replenishment order process.

How Retail Buyers Can Optimize Their Supply Chain

Getting the right product, in the right place, at the right time for customers can be easier said than done. Without detailed, accurate and timely item data it is difficult to plan what to order and how it will look on the shelf, or online. For buyers, not knowing if an order can be shipped on time and complete creates inventory issues and the potential for unused open-to-buy budget and unhappy customers. SPS Commerce provides near real time insights into order status, allowing retailers to proactively plan to optimize spend and reduce the chance of stock-outs and overstocks.

Are you looking for these types of solutions for your supply chain?

  • Order exactly what you need with confidence.
    Leverage real-time order statuses that maximize your open to buy budget with help from our Order Management Playbook.
  • Receive and move your inventory faster.
    Receive pack and ship details in advance, reducing inventory on hand by up to 20%. Find out how with our Inventory & Distribution Playbook.
  • Painlessly collect the item data you need to plan.
    Buy and sell products, saving thousands per supplier, while improving your overall customer experience with help from our Customer Experience Playbook.
  • Hands-free invoice reconciliation.
    Get the data you need from trading partners to reconcile invoices quickly & painlessly. Find out how with our Invoice Reconciliation Playbook.
  • Get real-time insight into supplier performance.
    Improve order accuracy, shipment timeliness & more with supplier scorecarding. Find out how with our Supplier Performance Playbook.

SPS Replenishment Order Solution

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Our solution identifies and implements essential processes to deliver consistent, accurate and timely data exchange. All of which means you’ll have more information about your orders, know what shipments are coming and when, as well as be able to offer the omnichannel customer experience that your customers expect

SPS Replenishment - The Information You Need

Widespread business impact

Having correct order and item information eliminates costly business problems across the entire organization, providing financial benefits in the tens of millions. Our solution positively impacts all departments, including merchandising, supply chain operations, store planning, eCommerce, customer support and finance.

SPS Replenishment - Widespread Business Impact

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We’ve implemented 500,000+ replenishment order solutions


Item and Sales Data is Automated


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Inventory Reduction


On-time Fill Rates

See how having the right data strengthens your replenishment order process at every step, interaction and decision along the way.

Data-driven decisions require having the right data.

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