Imagine What You Could Do with More Visibility Into:

Order exactly what you need with confidence.

Leverage real-time order statuses that maximize your open to buy budget.

Companies often have minimal inventory visibility and the status of the orders they place with their suppliers. This shows up in a variety of ways like ordering more product than needed, or not having enough product when it’s needed it most.

To alleviate this, companies frequently resort to hiring more staff to resolve these inventory visibility and order visibility issues.

Common problems:

  • Inefficient or unused open to buy budgets
  • Reactive order management
  • Unnecessary order volume increases
  • Unused inventory

Imagine a future where you could:

  • Efficiently use all of your open-to-buy dollars
  • Know that your suppliers can ship completely and on time
  • Reduce the amount of safety stock you need to buy
  • Free yourself from unproductive inventory

Shamrock Foods

A $3 billion-dollar food distributor was struggling with getting solid data visibility in their order statuses from smaller suppliers.

Lack of insight into when an order would be delayed or only partially fulfilled caused the distributor to run out of stock on specialty items at times, and to have excess inventory at other times.

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Receive and move your inventory faster.

Get pack and ship details delivered in advance, reducing inventory on hand by up to 20%.

High cost, inefficient item data management, and distribution management share a common root cause: not having accurate inventory visibility.

Lack of retail inventory management clarity equates to a reactive warehouse planning approach and the need to order more inventory to mitigate the risk of stock-outs.

Common problems:

  • Lack of detailed packing data
  • Warehouse bottlenecks and difficulty in estimating DC staffing needs
  • Missing shipping detail or “wholesale only” item data
  • Disconnected channel experiences

Imagine a future where you could:

  • Reduce unnecessary bottlenecks in your distribution center
  • Turn inventory faster by knowing what’s packed and where it needs to go before it arrives
  • Confidently optimize your order-to-shelf and storage space with less manual effort
  • Empower your staff to spend more time on inventory planning versus inventory verification tasks

Customer Story

This $10+ billion-dollar distributor lacked a clear snapshot of what goods were coming into their DC and needed to add staff to handle their manual P.O. to invoice process. Better supplier data through automation with suppliers helped position them to potentially save $30 million dollars per year in gained efficiencies.

Click here to find out how this multi-billion distribution company solved its inventory management problem.

Painlessly collect the item data you need to plan.

Buy and sell products, saving thousands per supplier, while improving your overall customer experience.

The absence of accurate, timeline item data from suppliers makes it impossible to plan, allocate and sell products efficiently across channels.

This can cause a chain effect of reactive management decisions tied to product orders and merchandise, costing you time, money, customers, and overcompensation across your operations to offset the risk.

Common problems:

  • Reactive store planning resulting in lost sales
  • Inconsistent or missing e-commerce attributes
  • Missing new item data requiring more manual entry

Imagine a future where you could:

  • Accurately plan for every sales channel
  • Allocate store space and e-commerce space efficiently
  • Set up new items with speed and accuracy, without the back and forth with suppliers
  • Satisfy customers online and in-store with robust attributes

Podcast: Item Management

For every day that the item isn’t available to consumers, you’re losing sales. The faster you get it set up in your system, the faster you can start selling the item. Streamlining your retail inventory management by optimizing and automating your retail supply chain and order management processes helps your consumers make decisions on what to buy, especially when it comes to digital channels.

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Transform your supply chain with better data visibility.

SPS helps you unlock it.

The majority of problems that most retailers are facing today ties to a lack of data visibility into the items they buy, the orders they place, the inventory they move and the quality and consistency of their supplier performance across every touchpoint of the retail supply chain.

The SPS Community Solution addresses this root cause by allowing you to shift from making reactive operational decisions for your business to making more proactive, strategic decisions.

As a full-service provider, we take on all of the necessary order and fulfillment processes, from digital item information management to analytics and insights sharing, to ensure rapid adoption across your supply chain.

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