Item Detail Management.

Manage item information more efficiently and with better detail

Today’s consumer demands extensive information, well before their purchase is made. This is usually the responsibility of the brand or supplier, and is done one with few updates.  However your sales depend on accurate product details and descriptions, updated regularly and efficiently – SPS delivers the most comprehensive one-click, mass-update item management solution in the industry.

assortment icon   Benefits of an auto-update item detail management platform

Benefits for suppliers + brands

  • Unlimited item and digital asset storage
  • Additional marketing and selling attributes, including features and benefits, keywords, consumer description and warranty information
  • Set trading partner-specific permission settings, including access by product group and negotiated item pricing
  • Multiple setup and maintenance options, including web, spreadsheet and file (including XML, EDIFACT PRICAT or EDI 832, and flat file options)
  • Detailed error reporting, including validation issues by trading partner

Benefits for retailers

  • Access to all of your suppliers’ catalogs to browse for specific products or new items
  • Locate information that complies with your business, having passed your syntax and business rules validation, including required attributes
  • Download relevant product information on-demand or schedule exports in multiple formats, including CSV, EDIFACT EDI, XML and countless others
  • Support multiple input methods making it easier for vendors to create, manage and update their product information


Share product details better and faster

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