Automate Your Trading Partnerships with EDI for Unleashed.

Use EDI with Unleashed to optimise and simplify you order-to-cash process. SPS is a full-service EDI provider with the Unleashed experts so you can leave the EDI to us and focus on your business.

Get clear, simple answers to all your EDI questions.
No sales pressure. No commitment.


Save on staffing costs


Improve order-to-cash processing time


Reduce errors by up to 99%


Trust a proven solution

Use EDI with Unleashed to optimise inventory management and simplify order-to-cash (OTC).

SPS Fulfillment for Unleashed allows you to manage your orders with ease and our automation ensures you never have to worry about missing an order. As a full-service EDI provider, SPS manages the EDI operations on your behalf, taking the complexities of day-to-day EDI operations off your to-do list.


Use the solution designed for small and mid-sized businesses


Our EDI experts can help automate Unleashed’s inventory software


Access all your orders (EDI and non-EDI) in Unleashed

Choose the EDI solution trusted by Unleashed users.

Position yourself for limitless growth

Be ready to take orders from 120,000 retailers, including Accent Group, David Jones, THE ICONIC, Super Retail Group, and more.

Cut bloated staffing costs

Stop wasting money on endless admin, data entry, and troubleshooting. Free your staff to focus on growing the business.

Access to order statuses

Track the status of orders directly in Unleashed and remove the need for phone calls and email updates.

Stop stressing about EDI changes

Never worry about maps, spec changes, or updates again. Once you connect to SPS, it’s always taken care of.

Minimise errors

Keep impeccably accurate orders no matter how busy things get. Build trust with all your major trading partners.

24/7/365 expert support

Contact the SPS Commerce team anytime, day or night, via phone, email, or chat. Get expert, 1-on-1 help the instant you need it.

“We learned that SPS not only integrates well with Unleashed, but they were compatible with Mainfreight as well. This was welcome news. We have yet to find a system or partner they didn’t work with. We won’t outgrow SPS or need to make alternative system or partner choices to support them. This is part of their full-service promise.”

– Doreen Ventura, Nutricare

Wondering how SPS Commerce, compares to  other  Unleashed Software EDI providers?

As a full-service EDI provider, SPS offers the technology you need, supported by a dedicated team of experts SPS will ensure your Unleashed EDI solution is operational quickly and efficiently. In no time, you’ll be sending and receiving EDI orders, advance shipping notices and invoices from within Unleashed. No new system to learn. No additional login to remember. Just automated communications with your retail trading partners.

Full-Service EDI Providers


The full-service EDI provider has the expert team that handles ongoing management of your EDI solution.


Take ownership of understanding your trading partner requirements and making map changes. The SPS team actively manages 9,000+ changes from retailers each year.


Manage end-to-end EDI testing and ensures your initial data flow with trading partners is successful.


Communicate directly with your trading partners to manage connectivity, setup, requirements, updates and support efforts.


Proactively monitor and optimise your solution to prevent errors and minimize data entry.


A team of trading partner, system and EDI experts is available.

Managed EDI Service Providers


Your in-house team is in charge of the operational and technical details of managing your EDI solution.


When a trading partner requirement changes, your team is in charge of changing the EDI maps. Requirement changes are extremely common in retailing.


Require your team to coordinate EDI testing with your trading partners and validate data flow.


Your in-house team communicates with trading partners about EDI connectivity, setup, requirements, updates and support.


Your in-house team is in charge of monitoring and optimizing your EDI solution.


You will be responsible for contacting support regarding any issues. Real-time, expert support is often limited.

… And experience stellar service from the very first phone call.


Talk to a knowledgeable, Unleashed-savvy Solutions Advisor


Find out how SPS Commerce’s business-friendly pricing helps you maximise profits as you grow


Take the first step toward finally cutting tedious manual data entry out of your fulfillment cycle

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Nothing makes us happier than hearing how we make our customers’ lives easier. That’s why we are so honored to be awarded the #1 Most Popular EDI Software on Capterra Achievement. Take a peek at what our customers are saying about us on Capterra.

“[No] worrying about software and technical expertise. We’re able to approach retailers and tell them we are EDI compliant, knowing that we will be able to setup without problems.”

Mattias H.’s review on


“It allows us to process orders and invoices in a more efficient and effective manner. We use multiple platforms and yours is by far the easiest and the simplest to use.”

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