How can distributors and wholesale suppliers stay profitable in the digital age?

Learn how the leaders in wholesale are using EDI to fuel growth.

Unique challenges for wholesale companies

If you are a supplier, manufacturer or factory rep doing business with a distributor like Reece, PFD, or Apromo Trading Pty Ltd, these challenges might sound familiar:

  • Inventory management pains
    Distributors are carrying less product themselves, so the burden of inventory management falls on the supplier or manufacturer. Inventory management is essential but difficult. You can’t afford to not have materials in stock.
  • Costly, rushed shipping
    You have increasing pressure to ship faster and fulfil orders quicker. With large and heavy materials, transportation is costly.
  • Errors and delays damage relationships
    Manual data entry leads to errors. With tight deadlines for contract jobs, any delay in order fulfilment is a major problem.
  • Complexity with getting paid by your distribution partners
    You’re not getting paid in a timely manner because your wholesale partner is struggling to reconcile products invoiced versus product delivered. How do you ensure invoices match the product that was actually ordered, shipped and delivered?
  • More competitive than ever
    Many distributors are decreasing the number of suppliers they work with while at the same time putting pressure on those suppliers to provide more SKUs. You feel the squeeze to do more while keeping costs low. The industry is growing even more competitive.

Distributors and their suppliers and manufacturers know they need to invest in technology to overcome these hurdles.

But it’s difficult to know where to start, who to trust, and which technical investments will actually pay off in the long run.

The wholesale industry faces major disruption and transformation ahead. But there’s good news. Companies that make wise technology decisions now will future-proof their business. You can become equipped to do business with major wholesalers and compete with Internet sellers. With EDI, it’s easier than you think!

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