How detailed item information drives sales

Getting products in front of consumers takes work.

Consumers want to know everything before they make a purchase.  Adding robust attributes and descriptive content can go a long way.


What consumers expect:




What many trading partners provide:


Item Information for detailed assortment and optimal sales

Consumers expect quality item information.

Empower your consumers with the product content they require to make a purchase. Weak product attributes lead to weak sales.

  • Size
  • Colour
  • Dimensions
  • Shape
  • Condition
  • Materials
  • Usage
  • Accessories
  • Options
  • Features
  • How it works
  • Where it came from
  • Number in stock
  • High resolution photos
  • Videos
  • Ratings
  • Reviews
item information via social media

And customers expect to engage with product information across all channels and devices.

Retailers rank providing more or improved item attributes as their top priority with vendor partners in 2016.*

*Source: 2016 Retail Insight report, Retail Systems Research

enhanced item information via social media

A product content management solution is the game-changer.

Retailers and suppliers are playing on the same team. A product content management solution is simply the missing link that connects the two teams into one powerful selling machine.


Complete product catalog management solution


Share an unlimited set of attributes


Aggregates, normalises, and validates the product data

Get started with effective product content

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