Struggling with manual order processes?
Save and scale with grocery order fulfillment automation.

Customer orders coming from more channels than ever before? Struggling to figure out which shipments are coming into your warehouse and when? Tired of dealing with paper, email or faxed invoices from your grocery suppliers and food distributors? Save time, reduce errors and improve supply chain visibility with grocery order fulfillment automation.

Why automate your order fulfillment processes?

Consumer behavior surrounding retail has been evolving for years, it was only a matter of time before grocery felt the pressure to get onboard with omnichannel strategy. More and more consumers want more and more ways to buy. It takes a major planning to starting carrying out new methods for fulfillment, though, such as buy online pick up in store (BOPUS or BOPIS), buy online and deliver to consumer, subscription models and more. Trial and error won’t get you to the level of system automation required to fulfill these orders in a timely manner that satisfies customers.

The key to breaking down the barriers to grocery order fulfillment and automation isn’t about technology: You need a clear plan for rolling out your changes and a dedicated team to help you make it happen… That’s where SPS comes in.

Check out why Shamrock Foods selected SPS technology and expertise to help their business.

“I absolutely would recommend SPS Commerce. Their expertise with EDI automation really shows through, not just with distributors, but bringing on a vendor community in this process.”

– Austin Martin, Vice President of Category Management at Shamrock Foods


Each manual order cycle costs grocers an average of $100-$120 to manage the purchase order, receive the order at a DC, reconcile the invoice and handle remittance.

With SPS Commerce, you get the people, processes and technology you need to improve your order fulfillment efficiency … and reduce costs.

Expert staff to get your suppliers onboard.

Whether you need to eliminate manual orders and invoices from your workflow, implement an ASN initiative or add a new EDI requirement, our team of experts knows the most efficient way forward. We dedicate a full team to understanding your grocery order fulfillment processes, business rule requirements, securing supplier commitments and getting your suppliers up-and-running.

Interested in learning more about our supplier onboarding process? Read more here.

SPS Commerce’s  extends the capacity of your team so you can onboard suppliers quickly to your order fulfillment requirements.

Automate your order-to-invoice process.

Using our proven EDI integration processes, you can quickly and easily implement electronic invoicing and ordering with your trading partners. Grocery automation will help your business reduce data entry errors, save on labor costs, improve post-invoice reconciliation at the line-item level, automate purchase-order-to-invoice reconciliation and capture payment discounts.

Eliminate time-consuming and error-prone processes in your grocery business by automating invoicing and ordering with your supplier community.

Improve supply chain visibility and traceability.

Enhance visibility into shipments coming into your DC by implementing advance ship notices with your suppliers. Improve the efficiency of order management and receiving, and gain visibility into lot numbers and date codes to track products back to the original source in case of a foodborne illness outbreak or to manage product recalls.

Support your grocery supply chain visibility and traceability initiatives with automated ASNs.

“The best part of working with SPS Commerce was their staff. They were very responsive, always able to answer our questions and followed up on their commitments. They are the type of people that you trust and look forward to working with.”

– Brett Mauer, Director of Sourcing Strategy, Winn-Dixie

SPS Commerce enables grocery suppliers & food distributors with blazing speed.

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