The grocery business is evolving.
Keeping up to date is easier with food retail solutions from SPS Commerce.

You’re feeling the pressure of tighter margins, heightened competition, increased food safety regulations, more sales channels and ever-changing consumer shopping habits. SPS food retail solutions help you address the supermarket industry’s biggest challenges with order process automation, food supplier enablement and item data management.

Understanding omnichannel retail can be confusing.

Self-checkout, buy-online pick up in-store (BOPIS or BOPUS), e-commerce grocery order delivery – shoppers demand convenience and time savings wherever possible. Accomplishing these tasks with the same positive customer experience across all shopping channels is easier said than done. SPS Commerce can help your supermarket business stay agile and evolve in stride with your customers changing preferences.

It means different things to different people and your vantage point in the supply chain could change your omnichannel retail strategy. The truth is, omnichannel commerce as a concept is essential, but succeeding at it varies from business to business. How your business is set up to accommodate the demands of multi channel retail matter and, more importantly, impact the consumer in a variety of ways. To learn more, visit page our omnichannel retail page.

  • Helping industry-leading grocers including:
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“It’s always a joy to work with a company that is forward-thinking, pushes the envelope and tests people’s ability to go beyond where they are. SPS Commerce helped us to see a future that we may not have seen otherwise.”

– Brett Mauer, Director of Sourcing Strategy, Winn-Dixie

What can we help your supermarket retail business with?

I am struggling to manage the suppliers for my grocery chain

Quickly enable all of your grocery suppliers and food distributors —large and small—to comply with your EDI and other electronic trading requirements.

My current EDI process is so manual, I wish there was a faster way

Reduce grocery supply chain costs, eliminate errors and improve traceability by automating paper-based processes, such as invoices, orders, ship notices and other manual tasks.

I need a better way to organize my item data

Set up new consumer packaged goods and non-perishable products faster. Automate grocery item data management with your suppliers to streamline time-to-market.

I need EDI or I’m unhappy with my existing EDI

Have you been asked to implement EDI? Looking to modernize your existing EDI solution? We’ll help you drive efficiency with turnkey food supply chain solutions to accelerate your business.

Discover how leading grocers are improving their supply chain efficiency with food retail solutions from SPS Commerce.

  • Knowledgeable supplier onboarding experts extend your team’s capabilities

    "The best part of working with SPS Commerce was their staff. They were very responsive, always able to answer our questions and followed up on their commitments. They are the type of people that you trust and look forward to working with."

    Brett Mauer, director of sourcing strategy, Winn-Dixie

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  • Maximize adoption with proven approach to EDI supplier onboarding

    "(Woolworth’s) chose SPS after an extensive evaluation and certification process. We decided on SPS because it has a proven track record in assisting vendors to adopt e-business. SPS also provides a strong technical capability with fulfillment standards."

    Peter Roebers, senior business manager of e-business, Woolworths

    Customer Stories

Meet the challenges of the grocery landscape.

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