GMI uses Integrated Fulfillment to build a competitive advantage [Case Study]

by | Dec 1, 2015 | 3PLs, Omnichannel, Solutions

Logistics firms everywhere are constantly striving to be more efficient. Efficiency is what keeps customers coming back — and keeps warehouse businesses profitable. GMI Distribution, a New Jersey-based 3PL and longtime SPS customer, has successfully differentiated itself based on the automated and integrated efficiency it extends to retailers and suppliers.

Through the SPS Commerce Integrated Fulfillment service, GMI connects only once to the retail industry’s largest network to offer instant connectivity and seamless collaboration to more than 60,000 retailers and suppliers, including their customers’ current and future trading partners. The end result is more efficient communications and transactions for all parties involved, deliver greater customer satisfaction as well as the speed and accuracy that lead to better performance in the marketplace.

GMI also benefits from the fact that SPS and 3PL Central, a popular cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS) provider, have integrated their solutions. This allows GMI to seamlessly share inventory, shipping and other vital fulfillment information with retailers and suppliers from within the SPS network, further enhancing efficiency.

For more detail about how GMI has benefited from working with SPS Commerce, download the case study and watch the testimonial.

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