Sage Summit 2013: Customers Come First

by | Aug 5, 2013 | Omnichannel

Written by Ben Bratland

Sage Summit 2013, the largest gathering of Sage business partners and customers concluded last week in Washington, D.C. Every year there is a common theme that sums up the feel of the show. There was no mistaking that this year was all about Customer Experience. Sage rolled out a number of new and improved products and services that centered on keeping their customers happy, while ensuring their technology is keeping up with changing market demands. Here are the some of the chief ways Sage has attempted to improve the experience of their customers and partners:

  • Expanded Mobile Capacity: During the keynote address, they demonstrated how far Sage has come with their Mobile Applications. With business occurring at coffee shops and from the living room just as frequently as from the office, having the ability to work from a tablet or smart phone is now a necessity.
  • Connected Services: Much of the conversation regarding customer experience centered on Sage’s Connected Services. Sage continues to work on a variety of services to enhance the functionality of their products and drive efficiencies in their customers’ businesses. Among others, these services include imbedding payroll, human resources, and marketing functionality into their ERP software.
  • Enhanced Cloud Technology: With the adoption of cloud and software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology increasing at an exponential rate, Sage has responded by releasing their own versions of cloud software. This includes their new product: Sage One. Sage One is designed for a 1-10 person small business, which needs to work on the move. Sage also announced the movement of their enterprise product, X3, which will be available in 2014 as a truly cloud option. The business partner community also reacted by improving its hosting technology. This allows software that has typically been deployed at the customer site, to be hosted and maintained by Sage-focused service providers. These moves have accomplished another goal of Sage, to move their customers to a subscription-pricing model. This removes the barrier to entry for customers, as well as creates a recurring revenue structure for Sage and its business partners. This is a truly a substantial move for the Sage community.

Overall, Sage Summit 2013 was an exciting and ground-breaking event for the Sage community that provided ample opportunities for SPS Commerce to continue to entrench itself as a major supply chain player in the space. A big thank you to Sage Software and the rest of the team at SPS Commerce who made this a great show—can’t wait for 2014!!

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