Confessions of an SPS Commerce intern

by | Aug 14, 2017

By Monica Hying and Joel Varghese, SPS Commerce Interns

An internship at SPS Commerce is a very unique experience when compared to other employment opportunities. Since SPS Commerce is growing at a rapid pace, with 65 quarters of consecutive revenue growth, SPS is always looking for talented people to sustain the company on its current path. This exponential growth creates an abundance of opportunities for interns to jump right in and make valuable contributions.

An SPS Commerce intern is not treated as a “second-class employee.” They instead receive just as much respect as their full-time colleagues and, in many cases, the team depends on their interns to step up to the plate like a full-time employee would. In fact, many former interns transition into becoming full-time employees after a year spent working at SPS Commerce.

The culture of the company is very welcoming of millennials, and while employees do care about performing their best, they also receive comfort in having fun and enjoying the time spent working with their peers. Additionally, SPS Commerce cares about their employees by heavily investing in each employee’s professional growth and always empowering them with opportunities to learn, which is vital for someone coming in with little experience. To learn more about what makes an SPS Commerce internship unique, we sat down with former SPS Commerce interns, who made the transition to a full-time employee, to gain their insight.

Why did you decide to intern at SPS Commerce?

“I ultimately chose to intern at SPS Commerce because of the culture of the company. As an intern, I enjoyed my co-workers, the flexibility and opportunities the job offered. I was often assigned tasks that a typical intern would not be given and even started doing some of the work that I currently do now. Even now, I love my job because it not only gives me the opportunity to explore other areas of marketing, but I am able to work with other departments at SPS.” – Claire Herzog

How did you find your internship?

“My application process was a little different since I didn’t find my way to SPS Commerce by the typical route of searching for jobs online. During my last semester of college, I had a class assignment to interview someone in a position that I wanted to be later in life and I found Kristi Whitman, a manager of marketing web ops at SPS Commerce. During our conversation, she started talking about her job and we quickly got way off topic as I was super invested in the project she was currently working on. It was through my networking with her that I became an intern at SPS.” –Hallie Froehlich

Why did you decide to stay at SPS Commerce as a full-time employee?

“I love my job. It’s a fun work environment (we even have game rooms) and there is a lot of room for growth. As an intern, I liked what I was doing and when I was offered the job full-time, I thought it would be a good fit.” –Jill Thatcher

Do you have any advice for current and/or future SPS Commerce interns?

“Actively participate. Do it in meetings, do it in casual work outings, do it in company events. Actively participate because it will work out better for you in the long-run and you never know where your internship might lead.” –Hallie Froehlich

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Use the fact that you’re an intern to your advantage. You’re supposed to have questions because it’s your time to learn. Also, make sure you know who the higher-level people are within the company since you might be working alongside them one day. Take your internship seriously because it could lead to a job.” – Jill Thatcher

“When going through new hire training, try and take in as much as you can. Ask lots of questions! Obviously, you aren’t going to learn what we do overnight, because we continue to change, but being curious will help you get started.” –Claire Herzog

To become an SPS Commerce intern or to learn about future career opportunities at SPS, visit our careers website and apply online. Stay up to date in all things SPS related by following us on Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook.

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