SPS Commerce launches Gartner Report on Achieving Multichannel Maturity

by | Jul 12, 2017

SPS Commerce today announced the availability of complimentary access to a recent Gartner report focused on the three pillars of multichannel retail success, as revealed by analysis of the Australian and New Zealand markets: order orchestration, demand planning and effective use of store inventory.

The report, ‘‘How to Unlock Supply Chain Value from your Australian and New Zealand Multichannel Retail Operations’ includes research and recommendations for how supply chain partners can improve their operations to better reap the bottom-line benefits of today’s double-digit multichannel growth.

In addition to the Gartner report, readers gain access to ‘Retail Insight Australia’ report, and a case study on Woolworths centred on today’s consumer-centric shopping journey.

Download your free copy of the Gartner research, as well as the one-sheet and infographic.

Kay Rindels

Kay Rindels

Marketing Consultant & Blog Editor at SPS Commerce
Kay Rindels has more than 20 years of experience working with emerging technologies and industry experts in cloud, mobile, supply chain and retail, including 10 years at SPS Commerce. Her blog articles address how retail organizations are deploying the latest omnichannel solutions to keep pace with the digital consumer.
Kay Rindels


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