Find new trading partners on the SPS Commerce network, in Australia and internationally

by | Mar 29, 2016

Retail suppliers that are seeking to grow in the space do so quickly and easily by joining a community of retail organisations like the team of 60,000 retail supply chain companies on the SPS Commerce Retail Network.  This includes about 8,000 in Australia and the wider region.  Leveraging a network like this, you can immediately integrate with your retail customers, now and in the future.

Retail supply chain networks like that of SPS Commerce enable you to connect to new partners within hours, rather than weeks (or months …).  This allows you to add customers quickly, exchange order or invoice (etc) documents with them electronically – and quickly go on to focus on finding the next customer!

We often hear from suppliers on our network that they’re able to work without worrying about the technology.  They don’t have to understand the complex trading requirements of each individual retailer, chase up to make sure they know about retailer spec changes, or worry about things breaking down.  They can go out and recruit new retail partners, because the SPS network is behind them.

Of course, a good network is not just about technology.  It’s about having access to expertise, advice and referrals for any supply chain challenges you may have.  A retail network gives you access to a community that can assist you with a variety of retail resources.  If you’re a supplier, not only do you have access to retailers, you have access to logistics providers, factors and technology partners.

And if your business is expanding, having access to future-proofed solutions that magnify as you grow is invaluable.  The confidence of working with trusted advisers that give you expert guidance best suited to your particular ERP integration, strategy, or omnichannel challenge translates into market confidence.  It’s more than just technology – the collaborative expertise that parties bring to the table is greater than the sum of its parts.

Members of the retail network are growing their business by using the SPS Commerce Sourcing solution, which means we introduce you to a variety of business partners in our network that align with your retail category and sales strategy.  For example, retail suppliers that have drop ship functionality, or a desirable returns and warranty policy.  Because our network is so vast, we introduce retailers looking for new and compelling items to vendors who have innovative products and the latest supply chain capabilities, for mutual benefit.

If you’d like to learn more about how retailers have launched new vendor relationships and used the retail network to their mutual benefit, drop us a line!  Click here for a copy of our new report.

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