EDI integration with Plex.

Seamless integration. Proven success. Happy customers.

The SPS Commerce Integrated EDI Fulfillment for Plex integrates into your existing Plex application, offering advanced functionality with less risk and at a lower cost than traditional EDI software.

Built for Plex:

Our pre-built solution makes it easy to integrate your electronic order transactions with your Plex system.


Quicker implementation time


Exchange data seamlessly


Unmatched Plex expertise


Reduce stock outs, overstocks and backorders significantly

Our cloud Plex EDI integration solution reduces manual order entry.

Plex integration is the perfect fit for manufacturing companies in industries like:


Food & Beverage

Industrial Manufacturing


And more

What happens when you integrate Plex’s manufacturing ERP software with Fulfilment (EDI) from SPS Commerce?

Time to value

Our seamless integrations will get your return on investment in record time.

Better customer experience

Our joint solution enhances sourcing, inventory management and fulfilment capabilities to provide your consumers with a seamless retail experience.


Not just a marketing word, integration with Plex can actually help scale your business by improving ship timeliness, inventory positions and sales.

Easy to use

Fulfilment works within your existing Plex environment, allowing your business to easily send and receive prevalent EDI documents such as purchase orders, invoices, ASN and much more.

Within your single integration, you can easily exchange EDI with more than 80,000 trading partners including these top brands:

Suppliers that have integrated with SPS Commerce and Plex.

Go beyond traditional EDI with Fulfilment from SPS Commerce.