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As the retail industry and the supply chain that feeds it evolves and becomes more complicated, automation becomes necessary for more and more businesses. Automating processes through EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange, can offer some of the best return on investment for your efforts – but only if your EDI is done right. When EDI is optimized and managed at its best, it supports rapid, efficient and accurate communication with trading partners, as well as a variety of vital systems found within a typical organization.

JD Edwards EDI Integration

With EDI integration for JD Edwards ERP, communication both within a company and with its trading partners can be sped up and simplified. Business documents such as orders, invoices, delivery notes, inventory updates and more can all be exchanged from department to department and business to business. Benefits of JD Edwards EDI Integration include:

  • Lowered costs – There is a reduced need for data entry and auditing personnel with an EDI solution. The data is transferred seamlessly into and out of your JD Edwards EDI integrated system, decreasing the cost and manual processes.
  • Streamlined processes– Fewer manual interventions means that transactions can be processed more quickly and efficiently. With JD Edwards EDI integration, the turnaround time and speed for orders, invoices and other documents are dramatically accelerated, increasing your business’s ability to compete.
  • Enhanced data integrity and accuracy – Information automatically transmitted across systems and directly with trading partners reduces or eliminates the need for re-keying information, which averts data entry errors. Where errors do occur, EDI automation assists with identifying where the problem is occurring so it can be fixed fast.

EDI solutions can be an incredible tool for businesses, but not all EDI providers are the same. In particular for this ERP, many EDI solutions don’t have an elegant solution for passing transactions through JD Edwards System 47 database tables. Anything less than an end-to-end solution that addresses this feature can result in complications that you’ll be expected to address on your own.

You may need to hire additional staffing with specialized EDI training as well as invest in additional infrastructure and software. Even with top notch staff, the wrong EDI system could stall processes and cost you money when trading partner requirements or EDI maps change.

With a full-service EDI integration for JD Edwards, documents and communications flow through systems and to trading partners smoothly and automatically, even when requirements unexpectedly change.

Full-Service EDI Integration for JD Edwards

SPS Commerce provides an end-to-end EDI solution for JD Edwards all within a seamless integration, including the capability to support any transaction or document and apply your company’s unique business rules. We offer dependable technology that works with System 47 database tables, JD Edwards experts on-hand and a proven process to manage the integration project from implementation through ongoing, day-to-day operations.

SPS Fulfillment automates outbound and inbound communications to keep you connected with your vendors, suppliers, and third-party logistics companies. JD Edwards EDI integration through SPS can also help you erase silos across critical departments, streamlining and enhancing your current business workflows for faster, more accurate transactions. SPS full-service EDI solutions are scalable, flexible, and tailored to conform to your systems, fit your support needs, and satisfy your goals for system and communication automation within your organization.

When you or your trading partners make adjustments to document or transaction requirements, SPS is there to help you. Rule or map adjustments can cause interruptions and result in lost sales opportunities or frustrated customers. SPS applies updates to EDI maps for you, often before you’re aware that your trading partners have changed their specifications.

The SPS Difference

The SPS Fulfillment EDI solution offers a level of automation, process orchestration and visibility to your operations that are unlike any other EDI solution out in the market.

  • Human Workflow: Stop searching for and chasing down errors – get notified about issues with automated communications and alerts. In addition to capturing errors and bringing them to your attention, our JD Edwards EDI solution empowers you to monitor transactions via dashboards that give you a real-time view of what’s happening across your business.
  • Process Orchestration: With SPS EDI, many of your existing processes can be automated, using and applying business rules unique to your organization. Instead of spending time extracting, translating and loading data, automate the process and gain new capabilities of validating and enriching the information.
  • Visibility: Empower staff with the information they need to do their best work with role-based access. For example, our solution enables IT personnel to see every document, every EDI transaction and how documents are flowing through the system. At the same time, it gives customer service just the information they need to answer questions about orders and transactions.

Join other companies that have ditched manual processes with the industry’s most complete JD Edwards EDI solution. Contact an SPS representative today for a 10-minute consultation or a brief, personalized demo.

Increase productivity with EDI for Oracle and JD Edwards EDI Integration

Increase productivity with EDI for Oracle and JD Edwards EDI Integration

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