When Retailers Want EDI, It’s Time for Order Automation

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Automation, Order Fulfillment, Suppliers

When retailers update their trading requirements to include EDI, the best way forward for many suppliers is system automation. This was the case for an Australian supplier of premium pet food, treats and accessories. Their existing customer had new EDI requirements for order automation. The supplier knew EDI was needed to support this business and the company’s growth. They chose to streamline the order automation process by integrating EDI with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, their ERP solution.

“Whenever possible, we try to automate processes,” said IT Project Manager. “We chose to integrate EDI directly into our Microsoft Dynamics NAV system. This automation would move orders quickly through the process, boost order accuracy and keep our teams focused on other tasks.”

Combining the power of Dynamics NAV ERP with EDI

The automated EDI solution from SPS Commerce provided the pet food supplier with the platform to:

  • Comply with retailer EDI requirements
  • Issue purchase order confirmations
  • Print barcode labels and packing slips
  • Send advance shipping notices

These steps could be performed from within their ERP with improved data accuracy and a single source for managing their orders.

“Orders come in and are at once posted to our Microsoft NAV system to validate, and then they are off to the warehouse for fulfillment,” said IT Project Manager. “Our teams can stay within NAV to complete the process and SPS takes care of all of the EDI transactions and requirements. The team at SPS, along with our system integrator, have deep Microsoft NAV EDI expertise. Together, they deployed the solution and an automated process that makes the most of our ERP and keeps us compliant.”

A Microsoft-certified solution backed by experts

When choosing an EDI solution, suppliers need to be confident that it was simply work and continue to perform. So, it’s important to find Microsoft-certified solutions, like SPS Commerce Fulfillment for EDI. This shows that the solution:

  • Is proven to work with the designated ERP
  • Offers referenceable customers actively using the solution
  • Has experts who know both their EDI solution and the Dynamics ERP

Suppliers do not want to leave something as important as order fulfilment to just anyone. They were new to EDI and needed a partner that could bring the expertise and technology to make it work and be easy on their team.

“We knew this was going to be a big step forward for our business,” said IT Project Manager. “The process would need to be collaborative and involve IT, operations, sales and customer service. Luckily the team at SPS could lead us through a process using best practices that made it easier and delivered better results. Their expertise was invaluable!”

A new era of EDI order automation

This pet food supplier is now poised to scale its order fulfillment to easily meet the needs of its anticipated automation with existing customers later this year. This expansion is possible because their operations and customer service teams have immediate access to all EDI orders and other customer communications from the SPS Commerce Fulfillment solution. They can easily respond to customers, confidently know an order’s status and be alerted in NAV if an order or delivery deadline is at risk.

Thanks to its integrated Microsoft NAV EDI solution, the company is experiencing improved invoicing accuracy by reducing pricing errors. The company can provide better order status visibility for its customer service team and is seeing its products on the shelf faster.

Learn more about SPS Commerce Fulfillment for Microsoft Dynamics NAV today and see how EDI order automation can support your existing and future customers.

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