How to become an omnichannel 3PL company

by | Jun 26, 2024 | 3PLs, Order Fulfillment, Retailer Requirements

Consumers migrated to eCommerce during the pandemic, but brick-and-mortar retail continues to prove its enduring appeal. Now more than ever, logistics firms must transform into omnichannel 3PL companies. Here are a few highlights from our recent webinar with Supply Chain Now about how 3PLs can adapt and thrive in this evolving landscape.

Embrace the mCommerce revolution

Mobile commerce (mCommerce) now accounts for 60 percent of all eCommerce sales. As more consumers use mobile devices for online shopping, 3PLs must adapt their strategies to meet these evolving expectations.

Strategies for omnichannel success

The ability to support clients across multiple channels is crucial in this new retail environment. Scalability is also key, so 3PLs can grow alongside their clients as they expand into new markets and channels.

Navigate retail complexity

The current retail environment presents significant challenges for 3PLs, particularly those serving multiple clients with diverse requirements. To effectively manage these intricacies, 3PLs should consider integrating their Warehouse Management System (WMS) with other key systems.

Optimize onboarding for long-term success

A smooth customer onboarding experience sets the foundation for a strong partnership. Establish a standardized, agreed-upon approach that involves all stakeholders.

The DIY dilemma: in-house vs. third-party solutions

When building their technology stack, 3PLs must decide whether to develop in-house solutions or partner with a third-party provider. Partnering with a specialized provider enables access to industry-specific knowledge, increased scalability and a successful track record.

SPS Commerce Blog Team