Achieve Top-Line Growth Through Sage EDI integration

by | Dec 19, 2019 | Business Growth, Finance/IT, Order Management, Suppliers

Regardless of where your business is at, in both size and growth journey, growing customer size and complexities demand greater operational functionality. Finding new ways to enhance the functionality of your current ERP platform is always smart, and Sage EDI integration is one sure way to do that.

If you’re in the process of considering an update or an enhancement to your current Sage ERP solution, as we move into a new calendar year, now is the perfect time to consider the incorporation of EDI for Sage 50, Sage 100, Sage 300 or Sage x3 as well.

Sage EDI integration can promote revenue growth.

Often, mid-tier businesses will employ a Sage EDI integration to comply with the document-intensive supply chain process requirements of their trading partners, such as large retailers or manufacturers.

In situations like this, EDI is seen as just a cost of doing business, so making it more efficient only reduces that cost. EDI for Sage has the potential to add substantial business value when unified with your existing Sage ERP system.

When these two critical systems are in sync, you can achieve even greater supply chain visibility and a variety of associated benefits that go beyond enhanced capabilities, such as:

  • Increased response time for customer support issues
  • Quicker, more accurate resolution of order processing/billing discrepancies
  • Process orders faster, reduce lead time and acceleration of the orders-to-cash cycle
  • Removal of the customer and in-house paper-based actions
  • Reduction of trading partners procurement costs by streamlining the buying process
  • Differentiation of your business from your competitors

Inventory your current capabilities as part of your research process.

The fact is, no matter where you reside on the scale of your Sage ERP usage. Integrated Sage EDI solutions offer different features, benefits and price points depending on what Sage ERP system you are currently running,

Each company should consider their own unique needs and look at how well their Sage ERP will play with other operational systems, especially with their most significant trading partners.

Our Sage EDI solutions are mapped to practically every possible IMS, OMS, and WMS. All you need to do is connect your system into ours (or we’ll map to yours) and, you’re ready to exchange data with every trading partner you have.

Experience matters. EDI becomes more complicated when integrating with an ERP.

What sets SPS Commerce Fulfillment (EDI) for Sage ERP apart? MAPADOC technology and full-service EDI support, for one. Our (EDI) Fulfillment for Sage ERP product leverages MAPADOC technology to provide a fully integrated, full-service EDI solution that is natively embedded in the Sage ERP platforms.

Our dedicated SPS Sage EDI teams bring extensive MAPADOC, Sage ERP and EDI integration experience with specialized support for the Sage platform.

Beyond EDI, SPS Commerce provides a suite of products and services to drive superior B2B collaboration between vendors and their retail partners.

Ready to take the next step?

To learn more about how SPS can help you in your efforts to update or change your current ERP solution, and make sure it integrates with our EDI platform and fulfillment solution, please ask to speak with one of our SPS retail and supply chain experts.

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