Retail system readiness for the holiday season [PODCAST]

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Automation, Omnichannel

The next episode of Mastering the Retail Game is here, just in time to get you pumped and ready for the holiday shopping season. Every year, retailers and their trading partners revamp their processes, update their technology, open new sales channels and fine tune their strategies. But everything has to be ready to go when fourth quarter hits.

Now is a common time for completing those updates and making adjustments to those updates before the busiest shopping season of the year rolls around.

In this podcast, our host Kristin Ploetz and our SPS expert David Verette explore this “system readiness” process and the critical factors involved. Davis is the Vice President of Retail Sales at SPS Commerce and has helped businesses in the retail industry perfect their trading partner relationships for nearly 20 years.

“Certainly you can implement technologies, process, communicate these requirements clearly, but to assume that the supplier is capable of stepping into these new order fulfillment models without fully vetting out the process and capability could lead to catastrophe. Putting the time and effort into these validations in advance will help increase the odds of a smooth holiday shopping season.” – David Verette, Vice President of Partner Sales, SPS Commerce

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Mastering the Retail Game

Mastering the Retail Game

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