Drop shipping advice from experienced suppliers [Research]

by | May 21, 2019 | Omnichannel, Suppliers, TeamSPS

If you happened to be looking for advice on drop shipping, who would you consider turning to for advice? More than likely it would be someone who had experienced the same excitement and anxiety associated with processing their first direct-to-consumer order from a major retailer.

Drop shipping offers the ability to open up a new world of opportunity for suppliers, but many of them struggle with how to appropriately staff and support this model. And, how much time to expect before it starts to pay off.

Ask any drop-ship supplier (and we did), if they can recall their first direct-to-consumer order and the anxiety they felt. They can also tell you how they prepared, what they might do differently, and which investments were worth it.

In late 2018, SPS Commerce asked more than 100 of its most experienced drop-ship customers about their first orders, as well as how they’ve evolved and automated their drop-ship fulfillment since that time. Their survey responses were insightful and revealed that what defines success depends not only on operations but also on attitude.

The report that follows captures their individual experiences and advice to those who may just be starting their drop-ship journey or are at a turning point and considering how to automate. Our SPS retail and EDI experts can answer many of your drop-ship questions, but we also like to encourage our community to learn from one another as well. This research study is one way that SPS is opening the conversation and sharing insight directly from our supplier customers to their peers.

The full research paper on drop shipping is free to download, no email required.

The Direct-to-Consumer Journey from the First Order Through Automation

The Direct-to-Consumer Journey from the First Order Through Automation

We surveyed some of our experienced drop ship customers and are sharing the findings through a research report.

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