Streamlining & simplifying item data management [PODCAST]

by | Oct 4, 2019 | Data Management, Retailers, TeamSPS

When you’re managing item data for hundreds or thousands of products, things can get out of hand real fast. That’s especially true if your processes include manual data entry task – anything performed by a human runs the risk for errors.

Every retailer or vendor has different data requirements, and each one wants to share that data in their own format and language. That’s not helpful for efficiently compiling it all in your system, and then disseminating it out to the appropriate channels and trading partners.

Simplifying item data management is not only possible, it can be tremendously beneficial for retailers, vendors and even the consumer. Not only is standardized item data easier to distribute and share where it’s needed, detailed product information helps consumers make decisions on what to buy, especially on digital channels.

In this podcast, our host Bonnie Keyworth, and Bekki Windsperger, a Consumer Product Goods (CPG) industry expert with more than 30 years of experience, talk about streamlining and simplifying item data management for businesses at any point in the supply chain.

“It could take anywhere from days to weeks to finish the setup, especially if there’s a lot of back-and-forth between the retailer and the vendor trying to get all the information needed and to get it right. For every day that the item isn’t available to consumers though, you’re losing sales. The faster you get it set up in your system, the faster you can start selling the item.” – Bekki Windsperger, Senior Customer Strategist, SPS Commerce

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