Find new vendors and onboard them in weeks, not months

When you look at the way we used to do things even ten years ago versus the technology we have available today, it’s no wonder the pace of retail and business has accelerated so quickly. The old process for retailers to find new vendors involved going to...
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Subscription box services: Thinking inside the box

One area of retail e-commerce shopping that’s becoming too big to ignore is the subscription box movement. What pretty much started out as a “Jelly Of The Month Club” cottage industry has become a multi-billion dollar sector all on its own, with...
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Drop shipping from stores instead of warehouses

We started seeing the trend a couple of years ago, and it has become one of our major predictions for this year and the next: more retailers will be drop shipping from stores, using individual retail locations as small distribution centers for online customers....
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Maverik posts back-to-back record profits with help from SPS Analytics

Maverik is the largest independent fuel marketer and convenience store chain in the Intermountain West. Maverik offers an outdoor recreation-based theme in its stores in order to engage shoppers and support its declaration of being “Adventure’s First Stop.” Maverik...
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The Age of Unified Retail: Moving Beyond Omnichannel [white paper]

The old adage that “the consumer is always right” has a new meaning in the retail industry. Retail has now entered into a new era that is ruled by the consumer and their evolving shopping behaviors. The advancements to technology and emergence of new shopping channels...
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