Creating a strategy for omnichannel retail success

Giving your customers an identical branded experience through all interactions with your company — in-store, online, mobile apps, social networks, and even shopping bags and packing materials. It’s no longer simply an option, it’s what consumers expect. That’s what...
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Amazon Marketplace Integration with SPS Commerce

Introducing the SPS Commerce connection to Amazon Marketplace, an e-commerce platform that enables third-party sellers to sell new and used offerings on’s fixed-price online marketplace. The SPS solution helps your organization increase their...
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Retailer planning for success in Q4

Are you ready for the next holiday shopping season yet? Welcome to February, when retailer planning is already looking forward to Q4. The holiday season is so important, it takes all year to make sure it goes over well. It’s one thing to consider the products...
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Top factors hindering omnichannel strategy

As we discovered recently in the results of our fifth annual retail industry survey, the reports of omnichannel’s death has been greatly exaggerated. By polling more than 500 retail companies, conducted in partnership with Retail Systems Research (RSR), SPS Commerce...
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Put opportunities into motion after the end-of-year analysis

Previously, we wrote about how retailers should do a year-end/new year analysis of their suppliers’ holiday shopping season performance, and identifying opportunities for improvement. Once you’ve identified the issues, the next step is actually...
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