A well-oiled supply chain, Princess Auto and SPS Commerce

by | Jan 5, 2018

Princess Auto Ltd. is a Canadian company based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Today, the retailer has 44 stores and over 2,400 team members to complete your purchase whether it be in-store, online, or on the phone.

“Doing business electronically is the only way to do business.” says Geoff Frodsham, President and CEO of Princess Auto. SPS has solutions to help all kinds of businesses. Fordsham tells us three things SPS Commerce does that really help his business starting with “not having to maintain the platform itself or the technology, so I didn’t have to have that skill set.” The second is that “I didn’t have to run the vendor program and as a result that actually helps me do the third part which is actually work jointly with a vendor to an outcome so that we can get the right results we are looking for.”

With current technology and programs and great people the relationship with SPS Commerce is always going to work. “SPS has great company values and there is a huge amount of integrity,” Fordsham concludes.


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Streamline and improve workflows with EDI.

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Sara Duane

Sara Duane

Content Marketing Manager at SPS Commerce
Sara Duane is a content expert for the SPS Commerce marketing team. She provides valuable articles and important information about e-commerce, merchandising strategies, order fulfillment and other topics related to retail supply chain optimization.
Sara Duane

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