4 Ways Independent Grocery Retailers Can Benefit from In-Aisle Ordering

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Grocers, Inventory Management, Order Management, Solutions

Big-Box retailers rely on and benefit from technology in real, quantifiable ways. But what about smaller, mid-market or independent grocery retailers? How can order management software with in-aisle capabilities help these retailers?

These stores may not have the technical ability or financial means to install POS (point-of-sale) or ERP programs to manage replenishment orders and inventory levels. They may have separate ordering processes, devices, or online portals for each supplier, and might even submit orders via email or by phone. Not only is this extremely time-intensive, but it also makes the training process for new staff overly complicated and costly.

Here are four ways upgraded order management technology can benefit smaller, independent grocery retailers:

  • Easier, faster ordering: Imagine ordering from all your vendors with a single device or online portal. Creating, editing and submitting every order from a single device saves buyers a massive amount of time and effort. Buyers can then redirect this time elsewhere — perhaps making store improvements, generating more sales or building greater customer loyalty.
  • Increased purchasing data: A robust order management solution provides access to valuable information that ultimately leads to more accurate and profitable orders. Order history, shipping acknowledgements and notifications, sale information, real-time product data and more give retailers unique insight during the order process. This visibility allows buyers to make wiser and faster purchasing decisions.
  • More margin: With an in-aisle solution, buyers can see product status and deal pricing right at the shelf as they make purchasing decisions. When buyers have multiple catalogs on one device, they have more options for ordering, allowing them to take advantage of sales and improve their profit margins. Those savings can go straight to the bottom line or be passed on to customers.
  • Streamlined training: Training new staff members is easier and faster with a single order management tool. Retailers save on labor costs when new employees only need to learn how to use one device or portal for replenishment orders. A clean user interface with intuitive functionality helps reduce errors and speeds up the training process for new staff.

As retailers invest in upgraded technology, they recognize the potential for increasing revenues, reducing costs and engaging customers.

SPS Commerce offers solutions for both the Big-Box retailer world and independent and smaller retailers. Learn more about how our in-aisle order management solution can help consolidate and simplify the ordering process from start to finish.

Angie Jula