Drop shipping: An eCommerce solution for today’s retail – Infographic

by | Oct 9, 2018 | Omnichannel, Retailers, Solutions

Consumer expectations are constantly rising, and on top of it, even more of them are doing their shopping online. eCommerce order volumes for retailers are growing every year, but their capacity to send out orders doesn’t necessarily scale quickly or proportionally. Many retailers are looking for solutions to their order volume fulfillment issues.

Just as retailers are competing against each other for those online dollars, suppliers and brands are trying to make sure they’re keeping their retail partners happy. They want to grow just like the retailers, and many are prepared (or are preparing themselves) to supplement and support retail order fulfillment with drop shipping.

Take a look at this infographic below to see the relationship between eCommerce and drop shipping, and how a successful drop ship program can help retailers and suppliers keep consumers satisfied.

Drop shipping: An eCommerce solution for today’s retail

Infographic: Drop Shipping Document Exchange

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Want to learn more about drop shipping?

Want to learn more about drop shipping?

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