Green Goo Learns to Embrace Digital Retail with SPS Fulfillment

Green Goo by Sierra Sage is rethinking first aid and body care, with an all-natural approach that is environmentally safe. When it needed help keeping up with rapid growth, they reached out to SPS Commerce.

Green Goo is rethinking first aid and body care, with an all-natural approach that is sustainable and environmentally safe. This woman-owned and family operated business makes everything from soaps to deodorants right here the USA, and its Green Goo product is now included in everything from World Health Organization field kits to the gift bags handed out at the Academy Awards. When they needed help to keep up with that kind of growth, they called SPS Commerce.

Learning the Lingo to Lure New Business

“When we first spoke, I didn’t know what terms like ‘omnichannel’ or ‘EDI’ even meant, because my background is in medicine and not retail,” she said. “But the SPS representative was patient and knowledgeable, and he used lots of examples to explain why this mattered to us and our retailer customers.”

At around the same time on the technology side, Green Goo by Sierra Sage was in the middle of a NetSuite integration project. Integrating with retailer customers via EDI was the next natural step for the company

Streamlining Order Fulfillment and Shipments with SPS Fulfillment

Before automating with SPS Fulfillment, processing each order meant switching among four to six different systems. Now nearly every order can be managed within a single dashboard.

SPS Fulfillment has enabled Green Goo by Sierra Sage to quickly and easily achieve technological compatibility with new retail business partners. This opens up more time to focus on developing new products that support the company’s mission, as well as future potential growth.

Additionally, Scott says the partnership with SPS Commerce has opened a multitude of new opportunities for her company, including profitable new avenues for selling Green Goo products.

“We began talking with two retail giants in particular that would be an ideal fit for our products, along with a handful of new wellness companies and outdoor lifestyle retailers,” she said. “We formalized our business relationships later that year, and we’re now selling our products through their retail stores and e-commerce sites.”

The Interviewee:

Jodi Scott, Chief Executive Officer

The Interviewee:

Kelly Hoyt, Chief Operations Officer

The Challenge:

Keep up with the rapid expansion of a brand rising in global popularity.


The Solution:

Integration with SPS Fulfillment for EDI to automate order processes and trading partner communications.


The Results:

Improved efficiencies and increased opportunities with retailers large and small.

“SPS is always trying to find some way to help their network of customers either meet each other, come together, increase their business, find efficiencies and create relationships.”

Kelly Hoyt

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