What B2B is Learning from Consumer Tech

by | Nov 15, 2013 | Omnichannel, Retailers

Written by Chuck Mallott, SPS Commerce

The cloud-based computing model has changed the way we create and share data. Applications developed on this model equip us with productivity tools that can be used from virtually any location, on practically any device. It is making the impossible — possible.

Companies creating consumer tech applications are meeting users where their needs are and delivering simple, easy-to-use software that works intuitively with the ability to create and share ubiquitously. And, it’s happening fast. The speed at which consumer applications are launched into market is forcing business tech to play catch-up.

We all have our favorite horror story of antiquated, difficult-to-use and poorly designed applications. You know the type. The software that only works on one browser on one operating system and requires a deep understanding of the user manual. We all know what its like to use these tools. Inflexible, outdated software not only decreases productivity, it destroys morale. The business tech world simply needs to move on and leave these applications in its wake.

We need more tools like:

  • Evernote, the simple productivity application that allows you to write notes, manage tasks, create to-do lists and keep track of just about anything.
  • Google Drive, a platform-agnostic, cloud-driven alternative to Microsoft’s Office suite, but without the feature bloat.

Cloud application champion, Salesforce, is already on its way to leading the business tech world in quality product design and development. B2B organizations would do well to emulate this organization.

So how do companies get there? As an organization, SPS Commerce is transforming the retail industry by developing products that go beyond functional and reliable (see Product Maturity Pyramid in my last blog – link). Our platform is moving rapidly to join Salesforce and others near the top of the pyramid of product maturity. As we do so, SPS will become a model for other B2B tech companies by creating smart, powerful and efficient software that delights users.

By adopting a mobile-oriented strategy and focusing on the experience and understanding how users expect to interact with software, tech companies can build these tools. If not, someone else will.

SPS Commerce Blog Team