Sourcing solution from SPS Commerce [VIDEO]

by | Jan 16, 2018

The Sourcing solution from SPS Commerce is the assortment expansion and management solution designed for merchandising across all your channels.

The solution provides retailers access to the largest network of products worldwide, instant access to vendors and shortens the time to revenue, enabling rapid product introductions. Additionally, the SPS sourcing solution helps suppliers get in front of potential retail trading partners.

“SPS’s platform, in this the simplicity of doing business that way, takes the difficulty out of working with large and small vendors. So, you can actually treat your vendors consistently.” Geoff Frodsham, President and CEO, Princess Auto Ltd.

This product video explains and visually exhibits the Sourcing Solutions tangible benefits. Watch to learn how SPS Commerce solutions can help your business.

For even more information about SPS’s sourcing solution, take a look at this short Sourcing testimonial video from Princess Auto, Ltd

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Amp up your retail merchandising strategy.

Amp up your retail merchandising strategy.

Discover, evaluate and onboard trading partners and products from a network of 75,000 connections and 35 million SKUs.

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Sara Duane

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