EDI 101: Five signs your business could benefit from an EDI solution [INFOGRAPHIC]

by | Sep 30, 2019

An EDI solution opens up communication directly with trading partners and connects multiple business systems, giving you a seamless, end-to-end solution. Sounds dreamy, right? The name Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) just doesn’t do it justice.

But what does EDI do, really?

What does it really mean?

If you do a Google search on “What is EDI?” you could come up with millions of different answers.

They can all sound confusing and technical. Even our own definition of EDI at SPS can sound a little wonkish. So we put together this infographic EDI 101: FIVE SIGNS YOUR BUSINESS COULD BENEFIT FROM EDI to make learning about this topic fun and easy!

Take a look below or download the infographic PDF from the Resource page.


Want to take a deeper dive into this topic? Check out our where we expand on all of the information in the infographic above.

Free EDI 101 downloads

Free EDI 101 downloads

Discover how EDI can assist with solving some of your most pressing business problems with these free resources.



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