5 Defining Attributes of the Post-Omnichannel Era [Infographic]

by | Mar 17, 2017

Over the past 5 years, omnichannel retail has evolved from a new concept into the new normal for what consumers expect from retail. Recent research shows that retail is now moving beyond omnichannel, seeing it not as a standalone project but a strategy that must be integrated throughout the supply chain.

Since 2011, SPS Commerce has teamed with Retail Systems Research (RSR) to take an annual survey of retailers, suppliers, distributors and logistics firms to understand their outlook and strategic focus for the coming year. This year, more than retailers, suppliers, distributors and logistics firms have shared their outlook for 2017.

Take a look at the infographic below, 5 Defining Attributes of the Post-Omnichannel Era. The information compiles five key insights discovered from the Retail Insight: Moving Beyond Omnichannel. For more information, the full annual retail survey results are available for download.

omnichannel era, post-omnichannel era, infographic

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Streamline and improve workflows with EDI.

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Peter Zaballos

Peter Zaballos

Senior Vice President & CMO at SPS Commerce
Peter brings more than 15 years of experience in product development, marketing and business development in enterprise, mobile computing and consumer internet businesses. At SPS Commerce, Peter leads the product strategy and marketing programs to support the company’s growth and presence in the retail supply chain market. Additionally, he serves as an advisory board member for two consumer web service firms, Glad2.com and SquareHub.com, where he focuses on branding, positioning and message development.
Peter Zaballos

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