Options for doing EDI.

Solve your wholesale business problems with EDI.

Do it yourself or outsource to the expert?

If you’re new to EDI, you can either outsource to an EDI provider or invest in your own on-premise EDI system.

Doing EDI on your own is costly as it requires hardware, software, licensing and IT resources. The initial investment is high, and many companies struggle with the ongoing maintenance that is required.

When you use an EDI provider (like SPS Commerce), we handle all of the set-up, connectivity, mapping, and testing. You use our EDI platform and resources; the only cost to you is a monthly subscription fee.

Customers can choose between web-based or integrated options based on their business needs, including order volumes and number of trading partners.

Why more manufacturers and wholesale distributors trust SPS over any other EDI provider:

  • The most widely-used and reliable EDI platform
    As the leading retail-focused supply chain management network in the business, we are the trusted authority for thousands of EDI trading partners
  • The largest network
    We’re the retail industry’s largest trading community with more than 80,000 customers in over 60 countries.
  • The best technology
    Our world-class data center can easily handle spikes in order volume, especially during the busy holiday season.
  • Pre-wired connections
    Our team of experts can help you achieve EDI capability and 100% compliance with trading partner transaction requirements.
  • Expert support staff
    Available when and where you need them, via self-paced online tutorials, in-person training sessions, online or phone support.
  • Onboarding expertise
    Our EDI onboarding process accommodates companies who are new to EDI as well as those who already have an EDI solution in place.

Questions about EDI for wholesale?

If you have questions about EDI products, implementation, integration or anything else, please let us know. Our experts are standing by, ready to help.