Motor Carrier Load Tender

EDI Document 204

graphic showing raw EDI data for EDI 997, EDI 850, and EDI 852 transactions

What is an motor carrier load tender?

The EDI 204 transaction communicates a request to a full truckload carrier for the movement of a shipment. The Tender is usually sent from a retailer, a manufacturer, or a distribution center. However, it can be used by any company that is interested in having goods shipped.

The data elements included in an EDI 204:

  • Ship-to location
  • Receiver contact information
  • Scheduling
  • Description of the goods to be shipped
  • Size of the trailer or other equipment requirements

When to use an EDI 204:

  • Creating a new shipment request
  • Updating shipment information
  • Canceling a shipment
  • Not used for shipments that are less than a full truckload

Document flow when using EDI 204:

A carrier will respond to the 204 by issuing a 990 EDI transaction, which is a response to the load tender. The 990 will indicate whether the carrier is accepting or declining the shipment. If the carrier accepts the shipment, then in most cases the carrier will also provide status updates using a 214 Shipment Status EDI message.


The Motor Carrier Load Tender will provide sufficient information for the carrier to understand the requirements of the shipment and their associated costs. The carrier can then determine whether they want to accept the load.

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