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Logistics Edge


Logistic Edge is a privately owned and operated, third party logistics (3PL) services provider. With our focus on the high volume of imported goods from around the world, Logistic Edge has uniquely positioned itself to become a leading provider of 3PL services in Southern California.

Supported SPS Products:

  • Fulfillment (EDI)


  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Resource: Logistics Edge Case Study

    Since 2007, Southern California-based Logistic Edge has utilized the powerful integration of the SPS Retail Network and the 3PL Central warehouse management system (WMS) to provide a full suite of logistic services to its vendor customers.

    Some of the largest retailers that Logistic Edge customers supply include Amazon, Target, Target.com, Sam’s Club, Walmart and Walmart.com. Among the fastest growing distribution channels for vendors include ship-to-store and drop shipping directly to consumers, which have helped Logistic Edge achieve double-digit sales growth over the past several years.