EDI 894 - Delivery/Return Base Record

EDI 894 is used by a supplier to inform a retailer that a shipment is on its way to their store and includes details and quantities of the items. Food and beverage industries prefer fore warnings to ensure they have the correct quantities, pricing information, and shipment details for a streamlined transfer of goods.

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Benefits of using an EDI 894 Delivery/Return Base Record

Suppliers of food, beverage and consumable products use DSD deliveries to provide timely and superior customer service to their retail customers. The EDI 894 provides receiving details to the retailer and its store in advance, much like an advance ship notice (EDI 856). Buyers or sellers can recognize the following benefits of using the EDI Delivery/Return Base Record:


Resolve any discrepancies in pricing or promotions and product exchange details.


Convey the details of the shipment such as its weight, mode of transportation and carrier information in advance.


Alert the retailer that the delivery is pending. Most retailers using the EDI 894 want it sent four hours prior to delivery.

The key data elements included in an EDI delivery/return base record:


Delivery date of the shipment


Purchase order numbers and dates to align with invoicing


Prices of delivered products, including promotions


Product identification numbers and quantities included in the delivery

Common issues regarding EDI 894

Delivery Timing

When will the delivery truck arrive? Will it arrive before my manager’s shift ends? 


What is the price of the items delivered? Are any promotions in effect?

Quantities Expected

Are the items we need on today’s truck? What if more items are needed? Are the items delivered in cases or packs? Is there enough space in the backroom?

Automate 894 EDI Delivery/Return Base Record with Full-Service EDI from SPS Commerce

Managing ongoing EDI tasks, especially in a DSD environment, can be complex and time-consuming. Many retailers require sellers to send the EDI 894 within four hours of a delivery. This can be challenging if using a manual process. Fortunately, full-service EDI providers deliver EDI technology and staff who automate and manage the day-to-day operations of your EDI relationships so you can devote your time to other functions.

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