EDI 857 - Shipment and Billing Notice

EDI 857 is used to communicate shipment details and invoice information. Primarily used within the grocery industry, the data relating to the shipment is broken up into five categories: order, pack, item, shipment, and pallet information.

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Benefits of using an EDI 857 Shipment and Billing Notice

Trading partners send the EDI 857 during the shipment stage of the order process as it conveys the information needed to receive the order and pay the seller. Specifically, it provides data related to the following five categories:

Order: invoice number, terms and totals
Pack: case or carton identification (e.g., GTIN)
Item: product identification, quantities, price and allowance/charge information
Shipment: transportation data such as carrier information, equipment and routing details, the bill of lading, weight, volume, and delivery dates
Pallet/Tare: pallet identification (e.g., SSCC)

Grocery suppliers benefit by using the EDI 857 to:

Communicate shipment information to facilitate receiving at the retailer’s distribution center
Details the items, quantities and packs shipped
Provides delivery dates of the shipment
Conveys billing information needed to process payment

The key data elements included in an EDI 857 are:

Vendor number
Item information
Pricing and billing information
Address information
Shipping manifest information

Common issues regarding an EDI 857

Shipping information is critical for a smooth delivery at the distribution center. Sellers can provide grocers and retailers with the details needed to ready warehouse staff to receive the shipment and sort it quickly.

Receiving schedules

When did/will an order ship and when will it arrive?

Billing terms

What was the total invoice amount for the goods shipped? What are the terms?


What is the total weight and volume of the shipment? Is ample space allocated in the warehouse?

Automate 857 Shipment and Billing Notice from SPS Commerce

Automating the EDI 857 provides this information well in advance for improved planning and also streamlines the invoicing process. Grocers and their suppliers rely on the EDI 857 to communicate these important shipment and billing details.

SPS sets up EDI documents, including the EDI Shipment and Billing Notice on a supplier’s behalf to automatically send when needed, and monitors the system to be sure it reaches the retailer or wholesaler within the compliance window. We are here to make sure shipment details and invoices flow seamlessly to trading partners.

The full-service approach from SPS means that the day-to-day management of the EDI environment is our responsibility, not yours. Every day, our EDI experts monitor your data, address any issues and manage every step. If something isn’t quite right, we make any changes needed to make it right.

SPS Commerce Fulfillment automates EDI and other data transactions with retail or grocery trading partners. With SPS overseeing your EDI operations, communicating your shipment details just became a lot easier? Interested in learning more?

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