System Integrations: SAP.

Gain efficiency and scale with SAP fulfilment EDI integration.

SAP system integration

Integrated Fulfilment for SAP

Our outsourced EDI service integrates directly into your company’s SAP application, creating a universal, reusable connection to your valued trading partners. Our solution enables suppliers using SAP to exchange sales orders, advance ship notices, invoices, warehouse shipments, and other required documents with trading partners all over the globe.

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Industry-leading functionality, seamless integration

We have extensive expertise in SAP integration, and a deep understanding of iDoc segments and file formats.

SPS Commerce’s enterprise cloud EDI service for SAP can be integrated to your SAP system via the SPS Commerce Universal Network, certified iDoc, as a Retail Standard iDoc solution or as a custom solution based on your unique fulfilment requirements.

system integration for supply chain excellence

One connection,
endless opportunities

SPS Integrated Fulfilment EDI for SAP will take your business to the next level, allowing you to cut costs and increase efficiency.

With our enterprise cloud EDI service, you can:

  •  Integrate to the SPS platform once and enable rapid onboarding of future trading partners without additional mapping
  •  Use a standardised iDoc per transaction type to normalise data integration using native SAP tools – without additional software
  •  Take advantage of SPS’s extensive SAP partner community to support your integration requirements
  •  Ensure reliability with proven maps used by thousands of suppliers daily
  •  Deploy new customers faster with a system already connected to more than 2,000 retailers, 3PLs, factors, and manufacturers
  •  Reduce initial and ongoing costs with cloud EDI solution


SPS Case Study: Callaway Golf Company

Callaway Golf Company is synonymous with high-performance golf equipment around the world. In Australia, they have thousands of stockists across speciality golf stores, sporting goods stores, golf clubs, and more.


Dedicated to your success

Our team of system integration experts is on hand to support the implementation and maintenance of your system. Discover how one connection to the SPS network can help you do more business with more trading partners.

Get started with SAP Fulfilment EDI

fulfilment webforms

WebForms Fulfilment (EDI)

This economical EDI service is perfect for organisations that want to minimise time and effort required to become EDI compliant with retailers. Your organisation only needs an internet connection and an SPS-provided username and password.
fulfilment webforms


With our cloud-based Analytics system, raw data is transformed into meaningful intelligence that drives omnichannel growth and your business. Analytics solutions give you the power to make smarter decisions, with real-time insight into the data you need to boost profits.
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Barcode Label Services

Your retailer’s requirements for EDI 001 UCC-128 labels, branded packing slips, gift messaging, returns and more are easily satisfied with SPS’s EDI Label Service.
Assortment and item management

Assortment (item management)

Assortment enables suppliers to easily share their latest product attributes, including detailed item information, pricing, detailed images and video, and marketing content, with retail trading partners. This ensures your partners have access to all the information they need to bring in sales as well as drive efficiencies with retailers pressured to provide online shoppers more details than ever before.
fulfilment webforms

Integrated Fulfilment

SPS’s Integrated Fulfilment service eliminates data entry by sending data directly into and out of more than 100 accounting, ERP, WMS and packing and shipping applications. With the Integrated Fulfilment option, you can directly integrate your back-end systems to your retailer’s EDI solution, thereby eliminating manual processes and errors.