Our pre-built solutions make it easy to integrate quickly with more than 100 accounting systems, ERPs, WMS, and TMS solutions.


Seamlessly exchange data with your retail supply chain partners


Eliminate manual data entry of orders, invoices, warehouse shipments, and more

Rapidly add new trading partners

Leading integrations:

Integrate your business system using our retail standard (RSX) and take advantage of more efficient communications and transactions with the industry’s leading retailers, suppliers, and 3PLs.   SPS has done the hard work, building adaptors for major ERPs, accounting systems, WMS, TMS, and more – plus building connections to all retailers.

Our featured adaptors:

MYOB logo justified


MYOB has millions of installations across the country and region. SPS Commerce has a pre-built adaptor that streamlines integration, and supports the seamless exchange of trade documents in and out of MYOB. Connecting your MYOB solution to the SPS network eliminates manual data entry (and the inevitable keying errors) of order and invoice documents.



Take the risk out of EDI and leverage SPS’s expert knowledge and cloud-based solutions for NetSuite. Our solutions deliver faster implementations, enhanced reliability, and lower total cost of ownership than outmoded EDI software. The SPS solution for NetSuite is “Built For NetSuite” verified and supports more than 500 NetSuite customers. SPS has been a SuiteCloud Developer Partner since 2007.



JCurve offers award winning business management software which includes accounting and payroll, CRM, inventory management, eCommerce, and more in a unified cloud solution. JCurve is the Australian and New Zealand small business partner of NetSuite, and adapts directly with SPS Commerce.

Xero Accounting Software


SPS Commerce has customers using Xero, and is now able to offer an adaptor to make Xero integration straightforward and trouble-free.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Enterprises of all sizes are searching for strong partners and out-of-the-box technology to expand their business opportunities, without increasing costs. With SPS’s comprehensive, leading integration to Microsoft Dynamix AX, connect once and do more business with the high-volume trading partners you care about.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and your trusted Microsoft solutions provider are critical to your success. The health of your business depends on flexible deployment options, from on-premise to cloud, as well as top-notch expertise. Enhance your performance with the proven expertise of the industry’s leading EDI solutions provider, SPS Commerce. We have perfected integrations with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, so you can make your business more efficient and profitable.

Sage 300

Sage 300

Our Sage 300 integration options give you the power to collaborate with high-volume trading partners, without sacrificing the customisability and ease of use that is inherent to the system. Leave the complexity of traditional EDI behind and grow your business with our leading integration to Sage 300.

Sage X3

Sage X3

Designed for large multi-division companies, Sage X3 is popular in Australia. The SPS Commerce Sage X3 integration solution is battle tested and proven in the local retail sector, and gives you the power to collaborate with high-volume trading partners flawlessly.



The SPS Commerce network has a pre-built adaptor for SAP, simplifying connection and streamlining your transition to trading with fulfilment EDI. Our solution enables SAP users to exchange sales orders, advance ship notices (ASN), invoices, warehouse shipments, and other required documents with trading partners around the world. We have extensive experience with fulfilment EDI deployments for SAP, and deep understanding of iDoc segments and file formats.

SAP Business One

Business One

Designed for SMEs, SAP Business One is popular with local companies and Australian subsidiaries of European organisations. The SPS Commerce adaptor for SAP Business One is comprehensive and supports all included trading documents.


SapphireOne is an Australian company operating worldwide, delivering an all inclusive resource planning software with applications for managing business enterprises (ERP). These offerings consist of a stand alone Single User application named Sapphire, a Client Server application named SapphireOne and our Sapphire Webpack solution. With a good track record of managing Business Accounting Systems, SapphireOne has been providing business freedom since 1986.

Adaptors also available for:

Epicor logo justified


The modern economy presumes global integration.  Discover seamless connectivity through Epicor, with our pre-built Fulfilment EDI adaptor.

Exact Macola

Exact Macola

Improve efficiency and drive profitability with our cloud-based EDI solutions for Exact Macola. We give you the edge you need to enhance your operations and compete against larger enterprises and win more business.

Fishbowl logo justified


Take the guesswork out of your EDI through our easy-to-use, pre-built Fishbowl Inventory and QuickBooks integration. With the EDI AnyWare solution, you can immediately comply with your retail customers’ requirements, quickly add new trading partners and scale for future business growth.


Infor Syteline

Our Infor SyteLine integrated solution allows you to collaborate with trading partners all over the globe. Exchange sales orders, invoices, warehouse shipment notices, and other required documents quickly and easily. With Infor SyteLine “prewired” to our web-based system, your organisation can avoid the complexity that comes with creating unique EDI maps for each customer transaction.



We offer a variety of on-demand supply chain solutions that integrate directly with your company’s JDA (Redprairie) system. Our cloud-based solutions opens seamless electronic trading with your supply chain network, without manual data entry. Our solutions work regardless of your suppliers’ data structure, format, ERPs, or network preference. Quickly and cost effectively integrate your JDA system to the SPS network, and get Fulfilment EDI operational now.

JD Edwards Oracle

JD Edwards

Our outsourced EDI Service integrates directly with your company’s JD Edwards World or JD Edwards EnterpriseOne application. With our solutions, suppliers using JD Edwards can easily exchange sales orders, advance ship notices, invoices, warehouse shipments, and other required documents with trading partners all over the globe.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP

As your business grows and changes to take advantage of global trading opportunities, you count on strong partnerships and technological solutions to get ahead. With SPS’s comprehensive, leading integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP, connect once and do business with all of the high-volume trading partners you care about—without the costs and complexity of traditional fulfilment EDI solutions.



The SPS Commerce Universal Network gives Oracle customers instant access to our shared infrastructure used by more than 60,000 trading partners – including thousands of Australian retailers, suppliers, and 3PLS. Our cloud EDI service for Oracle enables you to exchange EDI transactions, data, and insights with your trading partners and create more meaningful connections.

Intuit QuickBooks


Our integrated QuickBooks adaptor lets you seamlessly exchange data into and out of QuickBooks. By connecting your QuickBooks system to the leading SPS web-based EDI platform, you can eliminate the manual entry of important order and invoice information from your trading partners. One of our most popular integrated solutions globally, the SPS Adaptor for use with QuickBooks has been deployed to more than 1,200 satisfied customers.

Sage 50

Sage 50–U.S. Edition

We provide a prebuilt integration with your existing Sage 50—U.S. Edition System (formerly Peachtree). Although uncommon in Australia and APAC, some US-based subsidiaries use the system. The SPS adaptor seamlessly integrates Peachtree/Sage50 for fulfilment EDI.

Sage 50

Sage 50–Canadian Edition

Some North American customers use the Sage 50 Canadian Edition in Australia (previously Simply Accounting). With Sage 50–Canadian Edition “prewired” to our multi-tenant, enterprise cloud architecture, we deliver greater functionality with less cost and risk than traditional EDI software.

Sage 100

Sage 100

Sage 100 is a major piece of your business’ success, driving more efficient back-end processes. Our Sage 100 integration options give you the power to collaborate with high-volume trading partners, without sacrificing the customisability and ease of use that Sage 100 provides. Leave the complexity of traditional EDI behind and grow your business with our leading integration to Sage 100.

Sage 500 ERP

Sage 500

Sage 500 ERP (previously Sage ERP MAS 500) is a complete enterprise management solution. SPS Commerce has a Sage 500 ERP adaptor, to streamline the introduction of fulfilment EDI and give you the power to collaborate with high-volume trading partners flawlessly, without sacrificing the functionality that Sage 500 provides.

Connect with us directly

fulfilment webforms

WebForms Fulfilment (EDI)

This economical EDI service is perfect for organisations that want to minimise time and effort required to become EDI compliant with retailers. Your organisation only needs an internet connection and an SPS-provided username and password.

fulfilment webforms


With our cloud-based Analytics system, raw data is transformed into meaningful intelligence that drives omnichannel growth and your business. Analytics solutions give you the power to make smarter decisions, with real-time insight into the data you need to boost profits.

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Barcode Label Services

Your retailer’s requirements for EDI 001 UCC-128 labels, branded packing slips, gift messaging, returns and more are easily satisfied with SPS’s EDI Label Service.

Assortment and item management

Assortment (item management)

Assortment enables suppliers to easily share their latest product attributes, including detailed item information, pricing, detailed images and video, and marketing content, with retail trading partners. This ensures your partners have access to all the information they need to bring in sales as well as drive efficiencies with retailers pressured to provide online shoppers more details than ever before.

fulfilment webforms

Integrated Fulfilment

SPS’s Integrated Fulfilment service eliminates data entry by sending data directly into and out of more than 100 accounting, ERP, WMS and packing and shipping applications. With the Integrated Fulfilment option, you can directly integrate your back-end systems to your retailer’s EDI solution, thereby eliminating manual processes and errors.