All your product data in one place, in one standard format.

Get web-ready product content that you can share with all your retail partners.

Getting your products to move.

Consumers are detectives when it comes to shopping – they want to know everything before making a purchase. By providing them with robust product attributes and descriptive content, you’ve just fueled their purchasing decision. Assortment from SPS Commerce allows you to share unlimited product attributes with your retailers.

Launch new products in days rather than weeks/months.

Dramatically reduce returns.

Make customers happy with accurate product details.

Validate all product data into one system.

How it works:

Here’s what to expect with your SPS Assortment project.

A dedicated consultant is assigned to your business and works with you to ensure your requirements meet those of your retailers.

You’ll then upload all of your product data into the SPS Assortment solution.


The SPS service converts your product information into each retailer’s unique format.

You can easily share unlimited item and digital assets with your retailers.

Want to fuel purchasing decisions and make buyers happy?

Give all your retail partners exactly the product details they need in the format they require.