Simplify & automate your product data management

Tired of the hassle of managing product data in multiple spreadsheets or internal systems? With Assortment from SPS Commerce, you can manage and share product data with all of your trading partners through a single automated process.

Eliminate the manual, time-consuming tasks associated with product data. Our full-service solution does the heavy lifting, so you can focus on what you do best.

Connections to 3,000+ buying organizations

Supports all sales channels

Unlimited products, attributes & transmissions

Wondering how SPS Assortment compares with other solutions?

Unlike other product data management solutions, SPS Commerce Assortment is a complete, full-service solution.

SPS Commerce Assortment


A complete solution that transforms, validates and delivers data on your behalf


Works with all trading partners and sales channels


Full-service team ensures your trading partner maps are always up-to-date


All-inclusive pricing for unlimited SKUs, imports, exports and users

Other product data management solutions


Your team is responsible for transforming and delivering data to trading partners


Limited to specific trading partners or sales channels, requiring multiple solutions or custom projects to satisfy business requirements


Your team is responsible for updating maps when trading partner requirements change


Additional fees based on SKUs, imports, exports and users

SPS Assortment gives you access to the largest retail network and unparalleled industry expertise. With a track record like ours, why go with anyone else?

Automation makes it easier to manage product data

Say good-bye to messy spreadsheets, portals and emails. SPS Assortment extends the capabilities of your existing systems for automated, error-free product data sharing. We do all the legwork of transforming, validating and delivering the data on your behalf!

With SPS Assortment, you can:


Reduce manual work by offloading tedious product data management tasks to a team of experts


Maximize revenue when trading partners and consumers can access the product details they need


Easily add new trading partners or channels, giving your business the opportunity to grow and expand into new markets


Strengthen your trading partner relationships by delivering timely and accurate product data

Streamlined product information for stronger sales

“The idea was to grow our online sales without increasing our own data management burden, which would require moving away from our time-consuming, spreadsheet-based processes that had to be managed manually for every retailer. We suspected that a cloud-based technology would have the solution we needed, and SPS Commerce ultimately confirmed that suspicion.”

Omnichannel Director, U.S. Stove

Get the industry’s most complete product data sharing solution

SPS Assortment is a comprehensive product data sharing solution for all of your trading partners, across all of your selling channels. SPS handles the manual, time-consuming tasks associated with sharing product data, so you can focus on what you do best.

Simply share your data once with SPS and:


Centralize and standardize all of your product data in one place


Meet all trading partner requirements for product data across all channels (in-store, e-commerce and distribution center)


Automate validation and error management before sending data to your trading partners


Communicate product data quickly and easily with trading partners


Connect to any PIM, PDM or other internal system, so you can automatically deliver data to trading partners without additional mapping

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