EDI 832 - EDI Price/Sales Catalog

What is the EDI 832? EDI 832 is used by a supplier to deliver their product categories to their trading partners. These e-catalogs provide detailed data about their product offerings, including item attributes, product description details, packaging attributes, pricing, and descriptions.

EDI Documents

The EDI 832 format

The EDI 832 allows for the efficient and accurate transfer of product and pricing information between trading partners. It reduces errors associated with manual data entry and helps streamline the supply chain and procurement processes.

EDI 832 Format by SPS Commerce

The EDI 832 document, often referred to as a Price/Sales Catalog, contains detailed information about the supplier’s products, including but not limited to:

Product descriptions
Prices and pricing conditions (e.g., discounts and promotions)
Product identifiers (e.g., SKU and UPC)
Product availability
Minimum order quantities
Packaging details

How is the EDI 832 used?

Think of the EDI 832 as a digital catalog that stores use to share information about products. Similar to when you scroll through a website to see which items are available for purchase, businesses use the EDI 832 document to see which products they can buy or sell. The information is shared electronically—almost like a super detailed email.

EDI 832 FAQs:

What's in the EDI 832?
The EDI 832 tells a business everything they need to know about the products they can buy. This includes pictures, descriptions, pricing, discounts, quantity available and product dimensions.
Why use the EDI 832?
Instead of having a paper catalog that can get lost, tear or quickly become outdated, the EDI 832 is a live, constantly updated online catalog. When the manufacturer makes a new toy or changes the price, they update the EDI 832, and buyers can instantly see the change reflected. This ensures that the buyer and the manufacturer are always on the same page.
How does the EDI 832 make shopping easier?
By using it, stores can quickly decide what they want to order without having to contact the manufacturer or wait for an updated paper catalog in the mail. The EDI 832 replaces the need for back-and-forth communication between the buyer and the manufacturer.

Benefits of using an EDI 832 price/sales catalog

Implementing the 832 price/sales catalog offers benefits to both the retailer or distributor (receiver of the EDI 832 document) and the supplier (sender of the EDI 832 document).

Retailer and distributor benefits

Gain operating efficiencies by reducing paperwork
Reduce data entry errors
Save administrative time by automating the receipt of price/sales catalog information

Supplier benefits

Gain operating efficiencies by reducing paperwork
Reduce data entry errors
Save administrative time by automating the submission of price/catalog information

Common issues regarding EDI 832

Forced data hierarchy:

The EDI 832 (also known as X12 832 and EDIFACT PRICAT) requires a strict data hierarchy between selection code, product code and catalog that may not match how a supplier categorizes its products. This causes additional work and requires suppliers to artificially augment their data in order to match the prescribed hierarchy.

Limited attributes:

The EDI 832 only accommodates a limited set of data attributes. Some retailers require additional attributes such as length, width or height of an item, image data and extended pricing information. For those attributes, suppliers will have to supplement the data in the EDI 832 document with a spreadsheet.

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