Built for Acumatica:

The SPS Commerce Integrated Fulfillment (EDI) solution for Acumatica powered by MAPADOC connects seamlessly with your Acumatica ERP system to easily send/receive electronic transactions. When your Acumatica system is integrated with the SPS Fulfillment (EDI) solution, you can:


Eliminate or significantly reduce manual entry requirements.


Increase document processing speed while decreasing errors.


Connect to existing trading partners, 3PLs and more.


Achieve compliance with all your trading partners.


Cut costs with a cloud-based EDI solution from SPS, versus a traditional EDI department.

Our comprehensive, leading integration options give you the power to collaborate with high-volume trading partners flawlessly, without sacrificing the customizability and ease of use that Acumatica provides.

When those in your trading partner network are already connected to your EDI solution, integration with your Acumatica ERP system becomes especially beneficial.

Why Choose SPS Commerce?

Over 80,000 business in more than 60 countries around the world count on SPS Commerce to keep their companies’ transaction needs running smoothly. With thousands of organizations in our retail network, SPS is very likely already connected to many of your existing trading partners and others that you aspire to connect with.

“We want other retailers to know that we are EDI-capable and ready to meet their requirements,” said Ferguson. “And, it is all thanks to SPS Commerce.”

Adam Ferguson

IS Manager, Korpack

EDI support for documentation processing

When you integrate your Acumatica ERP system to the SPS EDI solution, quickly achieve compliance with all of your trading partners’ documentation processing needs, including ship-to-distribution center, ship-to-store, drop shipping and more. When your trading partners’ specs change, SPS makes the adjustments for ongoing compliance.

Scale to size while gaining efficiency

With our Acumatica integrated EDI solution, discover new trading partners, onboard them quickly and and better prepare to scale for your business’s future growth. A one-time integration with SPS Commerce offers immediate access to thousands of pre-built connections to leading retailers, grocers, distributors, vendors, brands, 3PLs and more.

Trim total cost of ownership (TCO) for EDI

An annual subscription rate for integrated EDI service through SPS Commerce costs typically significantly less than the expense of a traditional in-house EDI department. Many businesses that have outsourced their EDI to SPS have experienced savings of 20 to 30 percent. At least one major apparel retailer cut EDI-related costs by 75 percent by switching to SPS Commerce.

The smart way to do EDI

Whether you’re just getting started and need EDI compliance, or you’re looking to take your order operations to the next level, our experts will help you get started.

Learn more about our joint solution

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