We make working with suppliers easier to meet omnichannel customer demands efficiently & profitably.

Digitally share operational information, in real-time, in a consistent and seamless manner.

We help remove the complexity

With SPS you can achieve a more connected and collaborative ecosystem of supply chain partners, through a single set of processes and information exchanged across all channels, enabling you to:

Automate to reduce costs, delays and instill more trust and resiliency in your supply chain

Information received is incomplete, arrives late, requires manual intervention, and is sent in an inconsistent format.
Reduce operating complexity and drive the automation needed to achieve greater profitability.

Offer more flexible pick-up & faster delivery options

Launching a product and determining the best fulfillment method and location to fulfill from, across all sales channels, is very difficult.
Power same day delivery by always knowing where inventory is and fulfilling from the right location.

Make it easy for consumers to know what product is available, where and when they can get it

Balancing inventory levels online and in-store and providing tracking information to customers is cumbersome.
Achieve a real-time 360-degree view of inventory by tracking what you have, what your suppliers have, and what’s in transit, at all times.

Get the products needed, when they’re needed, to hit your goals and meet customer expectations

Suppliers aren’t meeting on-time, in full fill rate goals and are not complying with business process requirements.
Empower your suppliers with the information they need to better meet your expectations and be capable of measuring how your suppliers are performing.

Know the status of shipments so you can plan accordingly, whether in-store or at your DC/warehouse

Warehouse receiving and throughput is slow because suppliers aren’t acknowledging orders, sending shipping notices, and fulfilling orders on-time and complete.
Get shipment details in advance to properly plan, staff, and execute an efficient distribution network.

Keep up with supplier requests for more information on what product is selling and carry a relevant product assortment

Pulling ad hoc buyer reports and sharing data with my suppliers it a lot of work and I done upon request.
Empower your suppliers with sell-through information to create strategic alliances and optimize assortments, driving market share and profitability.

How Does SPS Commerce Help?

SPS Commerce is the industry leading expert in all things retail, grocery and distribution, which makes us the best resource to help you solve your supply chain challenges. Our people, process and technology can help you solve your item, order and sales data related problems quickly. That’s where the SPS Commerce Community solution comes in.

Community Laptop Screen

Tap into our retail supply chain expertise

SPS supply chain experts evaluate your business and recommend a solution based on industry best practices. We’ll partner with you to identify and prioritize areas of highest impact.

Leverage our proven process

We tailor our process based on the unique needs of your business. Our 500+ vendor onboarding experts directly engage and onboard suppliers to meet your requirements. We utilize a suite of tools to ensure clear communication while driving supplier adoption. Along the way, you’ll have access to a dashboard that tracks the real-time onboarding status of each of your suppliers.

Access our industry-leading technology

Finally, we provide technology and tools for you and your supplier community to automate the exchange of item, order and sales data. In some cases, we recommend leveraging existing technology. In other cases, we’ll help you and your suppliers adopt new technology that fits your needs. Either way, our team will remove technology as a barrier to your program’s success.

See why these customers chose SPS to help them achieve their goals

  • Improved Category Management Capabilities

    "SPS has been essential to making our category management capabilities such a powerful differentiator for our business, our vendors and the customer experience."

    Centre Store Director, Federated Co-Operatives Limited

    Why Do Customers Partner With SPS?
  • Take Supply Chain Collaboration to the Next Level

    "SPS came with a solution that allowed us the most efficient and easiest way to bring our entire supplier community onto an automated platform."

    Vice President of Category Management, Shamrock Foods

    Why Do Customers Partner With SPS?
  • More Than Just a Partner

    "While their name is different, SPS very much functions as a part of our business. When they do an outreach to a vendor, they’re really outreaching on behalf of or as a part of the Scheels team. And I think that’s really critical that they come across and act in such a way that we’re proud of how they’re representing us."

    Byron Snider, Information Services Leader, Scheels

    Why Do Customers Partner With SPS?
  • The Partner You Can Trust

    "SPS is a reliable partner I can trust. The bigger we get, the more discipline we need to run a great supply chain and a great omnichannel business. I’ve embraced the partnership because SPS really understands our aspirational goals and makes them come to life with their technology."

    Scott Bennett, Senior Vice President of Merchandising

    Why Do Customers Partner With SPS?
  • Add New Products Quickly

    "SPS helps us manage inventory because we can’t fall short on product delivery from our vendors, and we can’t overpromise products to our customers. It’s critical that we have just the right amount."

    Founder & Chairman, CleanItSupply.com

    Why Do Customers Partner With SPS?

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